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wip khoal - tmnt2 stage 4 (WIP)

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Damn, this track has some attitude, I love it.

Lot's of swagger potential in this. I like the arrangement and I think your use of the source is following the overall structure but adding your own spin on it,very good.

The ending is a little abrupt but I imagine it's pretty hard to end something like that, as a suggestion if I were you I would go for how the source tune finished up, a tinny little solo melody fading out.

Overall really enjoying it though. :-D

Also I forgot to mention, some of the stuttering transitions particularly the third one right at the end, i felt wasn't very smooth. It kinda of interupted the song for me, I would prefer one chunk of stutter as opposed to two one after another, I take it your using gross beats for that?

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Sorry, I'm not a fan of chiptunes (especially when they're covering a game for the NES) -_- with rare exceptions (i.e. Virt, though I've never heard him do a chiptune covering an NES game).

The only non-chippy synth at 1:30 (besides the bass really) is an extremely cliche saw lead. I really don't know why people make this stuff.

Mind you, the name "Overclocked Remix" is deceptive. This is really an arrangement/composition site, not a site for DJ's. This sounds way too NES to be a remix by site standards.

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Ghetto Lee Lewis:

I think you shouldnt leave that comment then Ghetto Lee Lewis, if you dont like these kind of tracks. I make these kind of tracks because I love adding beats and/or bass/synth to a NES track and there is lots of other peoples who likes these too.

Example, Dark-Eco here seems to like this and couple of my friends who I have pasted this to.

I know that the saw is pretty cliche, but this is early version of my remix(v0.4 as you can see at the filename), maybe I'll change it and maybe not, I personally think thats ok.

Where I'm saying that this is OCReMix and whats that DJ bullshit?(I don't get that comment, I know whats for this site is) No, I'm not a DJ (yet), and no I'm not aiming to give these to DJ for playing.

I'm here just giving these tracks for listen, because there is people who thinks these are cool and I want / need the feedback(thats for this part of this forum is(?)), because without that I cant improve myself.

Also this is the place where most of guys who likes gamemusic are, so this is probably the best place for these kinds of songs to get feedback.

Sorry for this comment but your comment/feedback just pissed me off, so next time please give me a more proper feedback or don't just leave any comments. Thx.


Heh, thx Dark-Eco :)

Yeah the ending is abrupt, because this is early version of my remix, I'll see what I can do about that, I'm aiming this to be 3mins or longer.

No its not gross beats, its dblue glitch, very nice vst for glitching.

I'll add updated version soon, when I've done some progress.

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I keep hearing some weird note clashes, probably between the bass and the rest. I'm gonna be lazy and not listen to the original, but I wanna say something to contrast GLL's feedback. While appropriate for a mix intended for ocremix, his feedback doesn't take into account that you might have other goals for the track.

He does have a point, tho. The chiptune instrumentation does get old fast, and the non-chip saw lead isn't that much better. While chip sounds can be used to great effect in a lot of types of music, it tends to be balanced with more complex sounds (or be from a more advanced chip than that of the NES), just check out halc and protodome (and the aforementioned virt's chip stuff).

If you're still gonna do just chip and drums, you should utilize the many different techniques to make sounds interesting while still keeping the sound simple and chippy, whether that means old-school tracker-style 96th note arpeggios or fm synthesis or whatever.

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