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Chrono Trigger "Singing Mountain" Remix (Updated 5/5/11)


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Finally got around to working on this again. I promised Emunator a piano part, playing the other part of the melody, which will happen at the end of this version, where you hear the strings playing low chords.

The huge delay in updates was caused by me being unsure of where to take it, so I let it hang around in my WIP folder for a while. But I ended up repeating the melody in a more modified form, and on the fourth playthrough there's some harmony going on.

On the to-do list is flesh it out more with effects, it's sounding a little empty at the moment. Emunator needs to do his piano part as well.


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I can vaguely hear where there's a note or two from the source in this throughout the first half, but it really strikes me as an original song. Even the second half which I suppose you intended to be the source bit, doesn't sound recognizable to me as the source at all. Maybe it's the key changes you chose or the melody that doesn't follow from the source, but this is really just sounding like an original song. And I'm not sure this particular style and mood of trance does justice to Singing Mountain anyway. :-(

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