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Competitions Sub-Forum: A Good Idea That Didn't Work Out

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I have noticed that ever since the introduction of the competitions sub-forum, competitions here have been getting less and less attention.

When any competition was "hosted" in gen disc years back, they would always have many views since they were on the main forum that everyone visits. Now, those same competitions that have been around for quite a while get barely any participation because they are not in front of everyone's eyes where they can see them. Noone visits the sub-forum, so noone really knows those competitions that are there exist.

I think it is time to merge the competitions forum back with the main forum. This way, competitions will get more activity again. The competition sub-forum can instead be an archive forum, housing all previous competitions so people can see results from all past competitions.

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I'm a bit mixed on this one. On one hand it's easy and convenient to keep track of ongoing competitions under a single sub-forum, without being drowned out under the Community thread. On the other hand, I rarely pay attention to the sub-forum myself, but that's cause I can't really do much music wise at the moment.

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