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Beatdrop - '303EP' Now Available!


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Hey everyone,


Just thought I'd share that you can now purchase my brand new EP, 303EP from FiXTStore.com. This EP consists of two new tracks from the forthcoming album 'Superluminal,' as well as remixes from A_Rival (or AE as he's known here on OCR), Benjamin Briggs, and yours truly. This will also be available sooner or later on Bandcamp, but for now, here's the only place you can get it:

Purchase 303EP at FiXT

As always, feedback is welcome. I hope you enjoy this taste of things to come.

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hm, the first download screwed up

we'll see if the second one behaves better

edit: nope, not this time either; third time's a charm?

edit2: got it, yay

Yeah, sometimes there are... issues. Fortunately, FiXT has really good customer service so if anything goes wrong, they'll remedy the situation very quickly.

And thank you to those of you who've bought the EP already. I sincerely hope you're enjoying it. Besides the two new tracks, I put a considerable amount of time into my remix of "Redshift," and aimed to provide a decent amount of variety on this EP so that it's not the same thing over and over again. Hopefully I accomplished that.

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'303EP' should be added to Bandcamp later today for those of you who were waiting for lossless versions. I'll also be making it a bit cheaper, I think, since Bandcamp doesn't take quite as much of a cut as FiXT does (15% vise 40%). Individual tracks will still be a buck a piece, but purchasing the entire EP will be cheaper.

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