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Zelda: Majora's Mask - Calling The Four Giants (Ambient Reconstruction)


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Just finished this one today. It's been ongoing ever since my Last Day remix, which I made around 7 months ago. Several attempts later and I finally have something I'm proud of. It features some effects, some even from the game.

Listen & Download:

I tried to make a more complex remix here which tells a story. Similar to my previous remix, I have a "storyboard" (basically a timeline of what happens and what each part of the song represents) I've prepared.

Read each event as you reach the track time indicated (otherwise, it's a spoiler :wink:):

0:00 - A sombre version of the dawn theme contributes towards setting the scene.

0:21 - The moon rumbling & single bell signify 12pm on the final day.

0:25 - The main melody starts, symbolising the open clock tower and countdown timer. A lot of the story is told through this big section. The chimes come in as the listener walks up the tower stairs and enters the clock tower to face the Skull Kid.

2:16 - The melody turns futuristic, referencing Last Day and explaining that time until impact is much closer. Bring the four here!

3:08 - Finally, the listener plays the Oath To Order.

3:30 - What will happen? (A cliffhanger melody)

3:41 - What's That?

3:56 - It's the giants! They're on their way.

4:48 - The four giants fight against the moon's fall.

5:39 - Finally the moon has stopped falling, but to rid the evil once and for all, you must follow the cursed mask into the moon.

6:07 - The warp sound symbolises that of the one used in the cutscene. The listener is transported to the moon. A hazy field with a lone tree lies infront of you.

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