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Fighting Game Character Select!

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I absolutely adore capcom and namco's fighting games. I really wanted to write a lil' jingle that would work as a character select in a fighting game.

So I googled up some pics of Tekken, Street Fighter and Final Fight. Then I could hear this little riff starting in my head. I translated it from thought to guitar and this is what I got.


Tell me what you think? Would it work in one of those games?

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Yeah man I definitely hear it. I could see this in a Guilty Gear kind of game or something. It's short and sweet, but after all, you're only at that screen to pick a character, right?

Pretty badass guitar tone, also.

Coming from such a talented musician like you, that means a lot! Indeed, I may expand this into a full song though if enough people like it.

Thanks =D I been workin' on the tone.

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I can definitely see it in a fighting game. "Choose your character!" then bam!.. it comes out with that dirty, hard rock guitar riff and just gets you amped up to play.

Thanks! I guess I achieved what I was goin' for then lol.

i was kind of expecting a futuristic anime style track, but this is good though.

Thanks. I hate anime though lol

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