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*NO* Wizardry 'Magical Beats 2005'


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Email sub file Wizardry Magical Beats OC ReMix 2005.mp3 - djp

Hi! Below is my remix submission info. Mp3 attached to e-mail

Remixer Name: Nick Seybert

Real Name: Nick Seybert

E-mail: nas27@cornell.edu

Website: www.mp3.com.au/nickseybert

Userid: none

Game: Wizardry

Song Title: Unknown (intro song, SID is on your website already)

System: C64

Remix Equipment: Yamaha Motif ES

Year Remixed: 2004

Year Submitted: 2005

Mix attached to e-mail



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http://exotica.fix.no/tunes/archive/C64Music/GAMES/S-Z/Wizardry.sid - Subtune 1/9

Checking out the SIDtune, the thing sounds ugly as hell. Tons of downright ugly note choices. In any case, the sounds were very cluttered together. The strings in particular were seemingly supposed to sound grandiose but didn't get there. Arrangement hits 1:00, then rinses and repeats. Some additive ideas on top of the chorus at 1:51 in the form of a quasi-electric guitar or whatever that was, but it only served to clutter the track further. Last hanging synth guitar note at 2:23 was very out of place at the end. Learn to create better separation of your sounds.


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This is actually pretty neat. It reminds me of a less sophisticated Israfel. So what we have here is a very conservative arrangement, if it can be called that. Please add your own spin to this mix. Our arrangement guidelines have been detailed here and elsewhere that I'm starting to tire of repeating what we're looking for.

-Change the structure, or form of the mix. Add your own new, compositional elements of the mix, such as melodic and harmonic expansion. Tempo changes, etc. Genre and instrument change is also part of the package. The key is to add your own unique spin where your creativity is exposed.

On top of that, I think this piece is short and underdeveloped. There's also no dynamics, everything is loud. It's almost as if every note has a velocity of 125 throughout. Needs more work.


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