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Whole mix jumped up an octave and possible sounds distorted?

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So there I was writing a facemelting sine-wave solo at 104 bpm when... BAM! Everything sucked. The whole mix went up an octave, and I have no idea what I could have pressed or clicked. I manually shifted everything on all the piano rolls down an octave, but the output is kind of nasty -- distorted in some way. Also, some sliced drum grooves were shifted in pitch. This indicates to me that it isn't a piano roll issue because the sliced drums, if up an octave, would have been silent. Also, the volume increased substantially (now peaks, didn't before), but this might just be an issue of things being up an octave rather than some random leap in gain.

I googled the problem, but I couldn't come up with any search terms that returned anything directly relevant to my issue.

Any ideas?

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That 2nd slider up there in the top is the Master Pitch slider, check to see that it is in the middle and not all the way up to the top. If you drag it to the top the entire mix is shifted up an octave (and conversely down an octave when shifted to the bottom)

If, however, this is all fine and dandy then I'm not sure what the problem is. I hope this helps though.

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I had that same problem!!! About a month ago.


I thought my song was ruined and I didn't know why. It appears my fader is moved down, half an octave. I had adjusted every single pattern but it still sounded weird (drums, cymbals, etc were all off too) so I abandoned the project. Now I would have to re-adjust every single pattern to revive the song. Maybe I'll do that someday...

Glad to know what the issue was. How stupid!!! Geez.

Glad you left the post here! Mystery solved.

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