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FF7 Mako Reactor


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Well FF7 seems to be getting a fair amount of attention on this board recently so I thought I'd join in, seeing as I'm currently playing through it again and I've also treated myself to a brand new imac (goodbye crappy old vista laptop!)

So here's my track then


It's mostly Mako reactor

with a bit of the Shinra Theme

So, critiques please! Let me know what you like, but especially what you don't like and what you'd change!

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this has a great sound so far. it's got a lot of space and it has kind of a "live" sound, which is really cool. it feels almost like a prog jam on the sources. my only issue with it right now is that, melodically at least, it's a little conservative. i'd love to hear some weirder/crazier things done with some of these themes using the instruments you've designed!

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Love that part at the beginning where you just pound our ears with that electric guitar. Coming in hard like that isn't always the best choice, but for this, it was very appropriate.

I would definitely download this.

melodically at least, it's a little conservative.

Agreed. But I think not doing it conservative would be a little risky.

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