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Reference And Direction Guidance


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I've been a member, and remixer, for a while now (you can find my works under the label "LGGames Remix" here, on my site, and on YouTube). I tend to prefer an electronic/techno/distortion genre and have been working inside that basis since my beginning.

I'm wondering if anyone knows of any knowledge basis or reference that can be helpful to me in either speeding and/or improving my works. In that, I'm wanting to find a resource online somewhere that can grant me direction in composing in this genre.

I have no direct aspirations to reach OC acceptance level, but simply an interest in improving my skills enough to satisfy a wide audience. If anyone can pass along anything that may be of some use to me, that is most appreciated.

Thanks in advance to anyone that helps.

(P.S. If this doesn't belong here, my mistake. If this can be moved elsewhere to better aid me, please feel free to do so.)

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short version: Expect things to take time, make use of all feedback you get, try new things, and have fun.

It takes about two years of time on ocr to get posted, and that's if you have some background in making music already and spend some time practicing and improving.

The feedback boards, which I know you use, are a great resource for learning, both getting your own tracks critted and critting others as that'll teach you to listen critically and make you put into words the stuff you hear.

Experiments are important, as they teach you new things. Challenge yourself to only use synths, only use one synth, or one track, or one waveform, or no external effects or something: limit yourself, and see what you can do under those conditions. You can also challenge yourself with the writing - write basic theme (less than 8 notes) and variations of it in rhythms and scales and stuff, only use melodies as harmony instead of stated chords, write in a new time signature or rhythm, try a new genre or two... Beyond Velocity was one of my experiments, and there's a certain amount of experimentation with Eye of the Storm as well. They did all right. ;)

And if this is all getting too exhausting for you, just do something for fun. Maybe a song that's just a joke, maybe just something to see where inspiration takes you... or just go out and do something fun that doesn't involve computers. Sometimes you gotta recharge your creative batteries by doing something else. Depending on your personality, this can be being around people, doing sports, seeing new places, whatever.

If you wanna talk more music, feel free to hit me up on aim whenever, I'll respond if I'm around no matter what the status message says. :D

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Aye, thanks man. You have been of good help to me in the past, so it's nice to know you're willing to be of such aid.

You have a good point with limitations/challenges, as I do similar things when designing games sometimes (as in: Lowering the complexity to a basis of older, or more primitive, styles of gameplay). It would make sense such a thing could pass over into music as well. I also completely agree with proper recharge time. As much of a computer junkie I am, everyone needs a proper break.

Again, all good points you bring up. Thanks for your words.

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Hey Lord Gavin,

Being (very) new here I'm still finding my way but another good way of improving is listening to a LOT of music from the genre in which you want to create music. There is no fast-tracking (which sucks haha).

I'm not partcularly familiar with electronic/techno music myself but in recent months I've been trying to grasp ReMixing music in Dance/trance styles. Find a song that you really like in that style and break down its musical components and see how the harmonies, structure, melody etc. are written. Then just test it out with your own stuff, even if it is only one of those components that you experiment with.

You'll most likely see me around the Workshop forum a lot as having your work critiqued by others but also critiquing others work will really speed things along.

Sorry I can't suggest an online resource for you and please ignore my post if it is entirely useless to you :)

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