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I want to help the site

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Every now and then, we get newbs coming in with a new cool idea but don't know the site well enough to know why it's not gonna work. We get ppl submitting stuff that's way below the bar, we get ppl who just lurk on the forums and don't do anything. Could we put together a list of things ocr likes and needs, that anyone could help with? Something for the newbs to do while learning the site and how it works, getting to know the ppl here, how we do things, and whether their great idea would work or not.

The stuff I suggest to newbs in the newb intro thread are:

- review posted mixes

- crit wips

- post your own music - originals or remixes

Beyond that, there's a few competitions that aren't about music, occasional non-music projects like the mascot bios, avatars, and... what else? Spamming other forums about ocr? :tomatoface:

What else can a newb do here?

(move thread if better in Community or wherever)

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