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Vampire Killer A Capella (Castlevania)


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Is Jetson your real last name? I hope so, that's awesome! Anyway, the mix...

This is a really fun concept for a remix, and you've pulled it off surprisingly well! The recording is holding it back though - there are a lot of pops on the mic (especially the beatbox track), and some clipping too when things get busy. As far as arrangement goes, it's a bit too coverish, so likely wouldn't get accepted to OCR in its current state. You should think about adding your own sections and putting a new spin on the theme in addition to changing the style if it's your goal to get posted.

Again though, it's well worth trying this concept because I don't think there's anything else like it on OCR (someone correct me if I'm wrong!)

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This is really cool, I was wondering why there are no acapella remixes on this site...

Basically I agree with DarkSim for the critique though. It would be nice if you could expand on this!

Although there aren't any acapella mixes on the front page, there have been a few WIPs that were pretty far along. This one comes to mind off the top of my head http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=25583

@blazerh44: You've definitely got the ability to make something for the judges. As has been said, though, this is a pretty straightforward cover. Well done, but going to need some interpretation if you're looking to get posted.

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