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Help converting miniusf to mp3

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I don't know if this is the right thread for this but...

So I downloaded Winamp and Chipamp to listen to the chiptunes provided on this site. Now I want to listen to the songs on my ipod, but I'm having an issue when converting the songs. First off, I've tried all the advice from google that says to configure the Nullsoft disk player and all that. I have the .usflib files with the miniusf's. I've tried everything, but when I download them and try to play them, all the songs are sped up and have a high pitch. It happens with just about every song longer than like 3 minutes. Any suggestions?

Specifically I want the Goldeneye 007 soundtrack since I cant seem to find it anywhere on the internet where the songs loop twice.

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Use foobar2000. Get the USF plugin. Make sure you have the LAME mp3 encoder dll.

Load up the songs you want to convert, right-click them, choose convert, specify your settings, and bam, mp3 from usf. There's a number of other plugins, like the GEP, which allows a metric fuckton of formats to be played and converted by foobar. Most are in the Components page.

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i think that the miniusf player has a glitch where it doesn't play nice with the nullsoft disc player. i had the same issue when doing a similar project a while ago.

foobar's the way to go, though. it's not perfect, but it'll do whatever doesn't work in winamp.

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