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Seiken Densetsu 3 Evening Star Re=arrangement


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  • 2 months later...

Love the strings you've got starting at about 1:40.

The celeste playing the melody at 0:00-1:20 is pretty darn good. Try somewhere in that part, introducing an additional instrument, so that there are two instruments playing the same notes simultaneously, see what that sounds like.

I assume you still are working on the ending. The ending would be better if you just had the celeste by itself and stopped the guitar part (is that a guitar?) before the last few seconds.

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Um, sparse. Enjoyable at the first minutes, but then it needs something else. But it's a WIP anyway XD

I found the strings to be very convincing until 0:52. There's abrupt pauses on those articulations as they play. You think it's possible to liquify 'em?

AH, I LOVE PIZZA \@/ Could hear that section forever!

Guitar's decent, but this is where I find things to lack spice. As you work on your WIP, give your energy to it! It's a pretty nice intimate piece ;)

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