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Castlevania Big Beat Remix

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(If you don't wish to read about me and just want to listen the song skip to the youtube/ mp3 link below)

Hello everyone, firstly allow me to introduce myself. I think it is appropriate.

I'm called Guillom (comes from the name Guillaume), that name comes from the time I was living in Spain and everyone called me "Guillom" instead of Guillermo (spannish equivalent of Guillaume). Here in Finland, where I'm currently living, people call me Giom, Kimmo. I'm 18 and I'm studying for ICT and electronics technician.

I started doing music in the 9th grade (when I was about 16 years old) with Guitar Pro 5. Mostly I was just trying out making drums and when I got bored of only doing crazy drum solos I started doing some "real" songs. Pretty quickly I moved to Reason 3 and I was still using Guitar Pro to do the MIDI because I didn't own a MIDI keyboard at the time. As I got better using Reason, I got the idea that I could make remixes on video games of course! It's my favorite hobby after music making! I've spent countless hours playing video games since my childhood, so video game music is engraved in my mind.

Anyway I started doing some remixes, until in winter 2009 I touched a really hot song. Castlevania - Vampire Killer I believe is the name for the song, I never played the game but I really love the songs made for this franchise, they are just awesome.

The Song.

It took me 1 day (like 10+ hours) to get the all the main instruments going, I think I had luck and I was very inspired that day seeing the results I made with about half a year or less of experience with Reason. The 2nd day I made the crazy voices, oh those were so funny to make. :-D

Now on the technical part (sound volume, clipping) I didn't know how to make anything so it sounds weird, bad, not good. I tried once to remaster it, but It has SO many things and changing the volume of the bass drum or else destroyed the feeling I was able to create back then, so that's why I haven't remastered it (yet).

Here is the youtube link:

Here is the mp3 (a bit better quality than youtube): http://www.4shared.com/audio/ghOFcCK5/Castlevania_Theme.html?

I think it is 90 seccond wait sorry. :(

I find this song cool. It's been a long time since I've made it and I have thought many things about it, but I think it was time to show it to a community that knows how to make remixes.

If you have read all this, nice! :-D

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Your remix is cool! Its signature key is from the Super Castlevania 4, isn't it?

This remix is quite creative. Many foreign sampling sound are attached. However, the sound becomes louder abnormally after the half-minute intro.

The stereo sound is excellent. I am a Castlevania fan, too. It's a wonderful remix to submit.

Hey, try listening to my Castlevania remixes.



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td, don't use other ppl's threads to promote your own. It's ok to reference or mention your own, but then you should at least provide proper feedback.

Anyway, the remix sounds a little weird, mainly the frequency balance. The mids are unnaturally high. The first instrument sounds like a bass but then you have a deeper electric bass coming in as well, sounds weird. Once you get into the thick of it, with synths and all, it sounds a little better, but the bass/guitar in the background sounds thin by comparison. The synth bass is too loud. The sound design is ok for most part, but there's some disparities between sounds - like the fat synths and the rather thin guitar/bass.

The 2:40 transition is kind'a weird. Once it starts building up again, it works all right, but going into the break it feels like a new song. There's some weird clashing notes at the end, and the drums at the end don't lead anywhere.

But the main problem is the mixing imo. You've got good enough sounds and decent writing, you just gotta give the tracks their own space in the frequency range. Compare this to well-mixed tracks in similar styles, and try to listen for how the instruments in those tracks are placed and how they sound - how much highs, how much mids, how much lows, close or distant, soft or hard, etc..

Mixing. Learn it. It'll make your future mixes so much better. :)

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thx Rozovian. I knew about the really mangled frequencies but I never did anything to fix the problem as it is a pretty time consuming progress. Many of the tracks are probably clipping if it wasn't for the main output Compressor/EQ thingy. I'd like to give this song new life so I'll try changing some things you said here.

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