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Touhou Chireiden - Lullaby of Deserted Hell


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Touhou Chireiden is better known as Subterranean Animism (東方地霊殿; Eastern Palace of the Earth Spirits), and is probably my favourite game from the Touhou series. Its story is primarily based on evil spirits, subterranean creatures, an underground palace and hell. The most important thing for me, however, is its music. During stage 5 (right before encountering Rin Kaenbyou) you hear the stage 5 themesong, called Lullaby of Deserted Hell (廃獄ララバイ). The original song consists of tons of synthesizer organs, pads and not quite a lot of percussion due to being overshadowed by all other instruments (see below). When starting to arrange this song, I decided it should be a personal challenge. The objective was "use as few european instruments as possible". The end result is rather ethnic. All drumming was put in manually. Writing drum scores for African drums is surprisingly tedious. I would love feedback on the usage of foreign instruments, though any commentary is welcome!


After receiving kind criticism from Guifrog, Dash Myoku and K.B., I reviewed the arrange and changed some aspects.

It can now be found here: http://soundcloud.com/ravensjig/lullaby-of-lost-cultures-ocr

The prefix is set to finished; though what is ever finished?

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Oh my, it's you! :D What happened to your other Touhou mix?

I, uh...


...this! Your percussion is specially amazing, and gives tons of energy to the song. There's plenty of strength in your arrangement, and my goodness what a bright sensation this carries.

Your instruments are nice, but there's good and bad moments in the way you use them throughout:

-0:10-30, it sounds more like a sitarish synth than a manually played dulcimer, as it is very sequenced. Flute's pretty cool :mrgreen:.

-I don't like the change of keys at 0:53 much... There's another 'synthy sequenced thingy' playing there.

-1:03-1:13, lil' details on the background that makes this shine :D!

-1:13-1:55, now, the dulcimer's pretty convincing. This sections starts great, but then it repeats itself, which is bad :P. Maybe add something in the background to spice it up after the first time it plays?

-1:56, another transition that could be better. Flute here sounds more artificial. In fact, most things sound unrealistic here, and it could use of some polish. Also, I like what the cello does at 2:06, but it does again at 2:28.

-And, to me, the song could end after the (now good again) 2:43 flute note already. The rest feels somewhat awkward :P

I really wanna see this on the frontpage once it's ready! PLZ! :)!!

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First off, let me say that I'm not familiar with the source. Period. :D

Giving this a listen though, I love the feel with the combination of instruments you used. It just screams "Adventure" to me. However, my biggest complaint about this is, in fact, the percussion. I just don't feel like they capture the same energy as everything else. They play fast (generally), but...I think that's why it feels so off to me.

Other than that, this is great.

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This is nearly verbatim the source.

I don't want to discourage you, as I very much enjoy the game and its music, but I think you need much more interpretation for this to be accepted into ocr. Also, the instruments also sound very mechanical and even harsh at times, but humainzation isn't always to be expected from a wip.

I suggest you take the source and make it your own. If you fleshed out the instrumentation, you could have a rather nice cover, but that's still shy of what you could do. That is, if you'd take a non-remixer's, non-judge's, non-baconstrip's thoughts.

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@Guifrog due to your existing OCR remix, I especially appreciate your input on ethnic music :D, it means a lot. I usually don't edit a song after I publish it, though you've motivated me enough to review all the points you mentioned and republish the song once I'm again satisfied. I guess it's okay if I borrow some of the ideas you placed in your own arranges XD. Oh and my other toho arranges fell a bit behind, I doubt I'll ever finish them, it's more fun to make new arranges using the new experience and commentary

@Dash Myoku, you hit the nail on the head actually. While I was sequencing the bongos, I noticed it was too energetic compared to the other layers at some points. I'll certainly look at it and try to give the same feeling to it

@K.B. while I appreciate your input, I don't arrange music specifically for ocremix's standards. It's a hobby of mine, and I believe there are talented remixers and non-remixers at OCRemix that can share their experience. Though you're still correct I didn't deviate that much from the original, it's my weakest point certainly. thanks for your commentary, though!

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