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  1. Bad habit haha; its become a catch all term sadly (and a bit of an in joke; terribly.)
  2. Decent. And nice to see more recognition cause honestly the series has kickass tunes. ...Though It'd be nice if we got a song that wasn't Tomboyish Daughter, Night of Nights, or UN OWEN. XP
  3. Mrf, this was rockin, and it had some brilliant, and I mean brilliant moments. But I felt it was a little bit less cohesive than it should have been.
  4. I really like the idea and what this could be. But The first issue that's pretty glaring to me is the excessive reverb in the piece and the samples used for the high pace of the notes. I like it composition wise, it just needs work.
  5. Damn this is sexy. The Industrial rhythm... The heavy crushing beat. Mmm~ Sweet nectar to my ears~
  6. When that brass comes in, its like getting kicked in the face, and then having to thank someone for doing it.
  7. Gangara? You can't possibly be seriously hating on the Radical Dreamers soundtrack... Can you? That's a physical impossibility which I refuse to believe exists! Spite for such a ridiculous comment aside, I've always quite liked this arrange, however the pacing sometimes is a bit too slow.
  8. The intro on this is hella cool. The old vinyl sound you got there and holy damn as soon as it cuts out... just wow. Buuut. Then I feel that the introduction of that rather poor drum sample then ruined it for me... v-v; The rest of the song is amazing. But that drum is awful.
  9. It is REALLY a shame that the vocals are constrained to the end, because honestly you could have taken this SO much farther. Still amazing either way.
  10. This is without shadow of doubt, one of the best mixes on site. 10/10 for sure.
  11. Sorry to burst your bubble there mate. All the voices are from one person. Speaking of, I wish Hyadain would grace us with more of his mixes. I'd love MP3s of the Flight of the Silbird, My First Friend, The Answer, the ENTIRE Dragon Quest IV collection.<3
  12. God, when I read the other post I thought it might just be nitpicking but damn is this ever muddy. This is in need of a lot of work, and I think the first thing you HAVE to fix is the synth drum.
  13. Wow. This is, amazing. Honestly amazing. I love the sound on this.
  14. The drums and overall sound quality is way better, but now there's a bit too much reverb over the whole thing, making it terribly muddy, as well, the part at 1:42 has way less of an impact now. :C Also Sylenth? I'll have to check it out.
  15. o3o YES a thousand times to the source material. The music in this crazy little super sentai game is just... Amazing! ESPECIALLY area A. Area E was also pretty cool. FFS the stage select was pretty awesome too. This arrange is also really great so far, really kind of gritty and messy, and the guitar could use a TINY bit of cleaning and the synth gets a little too powerful at times during the first part of the song. This one sticks really close to the source material which is great. The direction the song takes at 1:42 is stunning, but again I'm not a fan of that synth yet again. Maybe turn the gate effect down a little... Is this the Impulse VST? Oh and btw a version with just the music is available here:
  16. Loving the 2a03 esque synths. That "Duty Cycle" is lovely. e-e
  17. An error is an error. Plain and simple. Because somebody likes a error, it doesn't stop being an error. I try to be as objective as I physically humanly can. I never said I didn't like the pitch shift. I never said I liked it. I just said it was errant. My personal feelings toward it are irrelevant.
  18. Overlooked Remix DOES have some hidden gems. Don't discredit it just because it looks like garbage from the immediate outside. And to go with what they said. From the beginning and the overall vocals, yeah I can see why OLR was a suggested place for this. Its great, or... well, rather, it could be. Here's my main issues. (Objective) *Buried Vocals drowning in the rest of the music (Yes still) *As I said, the vocals are drowning, but its not the levels of the vocals alone. Its everything else being really muddy. This should be a lot cleaner. (Subjective) *Repetitive and rather uninspiring lyrics, and I was having a total Chocolate Rain Flashback after I heard "Everything Is Ice" for the 10th time or so in a row. *Up until the first, I guess you could call it, the first "Chorus" or Bridge or whatever you want to name it (honestly I am unsure) the song feels rather... lackluster to me. This COULD be a fantastic song, but I suggest working on it a smidge. Pay a lot of attention to the levels of each instrument cause its hella cluttered in there.
  19. I know I am not a mod. Or anyone important. But I really have to commend you. The reverse note being used as a synth is a very neat way of making the piece stand out. Something that actually really suckered me in. I actually found myself listening to this one quite a few times. Far over the 3 runthrough review count, thats for sure. The phaser effect on the backing synth much to my surprise didn't wear out for me, and added to the overall feel. The only gripe I have is actually coming back to those reversed notes. The ones that start at around 1:56 till the retrigger at 2:13. (BTW I absolutely LOVE that Retrigger you did. *claps*) They seem to be a little bit loud on the end of the note. Other than that I really like this piece. The arrange is pretty neat, and the piano really compliments the synth you have running.
  20. Pardon? I'm saying it for the same reason anybody else would. That pitch shift is awful in every regard. It would be fine if the note you ended it on was a logical one but instead you leave it hanging somewhere it doesn't belong. No matter the genre that is an error in your piece. I would call it out the same way I would for any other piece. With a blatant error like that... an unwillingness to change, is going to be your downfall. You claimed earlier that dubstep commonly lacks musical values. I assume by this (bold and brazen I might add) statement you mean that simply because you are doing a dubstep track you are suddenly exempt from objective judgement in the manufacture of the song and in feedback responses. If you were going to debate any semblance of a review with little more than a "No." or "This is how it is always going to be." then there was no reason for you making this thread in the first place. To which you should have instead worked on it until complete and submitted to the judges, then complained how they said "No." For all the same reasons we will. Listen up. That pitch shift severely hurts this piece and I quite like the rest of what you have here. We are offering responses. Thats the point. You post your work so we can help you work on it and make it the best piece it can be. We don't make hurtful comments. We don't make foolish comments. We just respond accordingly. Either stop giving "I made it I obviously know better." responses in return, and accept the help. Or quit.
  21. Welcome. Its quite sad that a lot of folks don't separate objective and subjective quality more often.
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