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Super Street Fighter II Turbo: Blood on the Asphalt - History

Shael Riley

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I'm still at it, folks.

Much like paying off my credit card balance,

I keep forgetting I should add something here

every once in a while before I get dropped.

At my end, the vocal portions are being delayed

until next month, and I'll have new WIPs

tomorrow for the music (although I really wanted

to update my site before that). I'm also

asking DJSammy to please stand by, because

one tune will almost definitely have an itch.

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Decided to turn this post edit into a new post, because I thought the thread needed a bump. Beg pardon.

Here are the new WIPs...


I have arrangement ideas now, and instruments are pretty much set. Vocals will come, hopefully, and I may want a sample scratched ("Thank you, deejay"), if I don't think it'll be a clutter. I was playing around with a synth-stab live; if I work that out, it will be quantized. :)


Arranged; not much else, and I don't think there'll be much else, but I really won't know until the vocals are laid down.

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Feedback on Jose's WIPs:

Dee Jay:

Overall a tight beat that will suit some vocals well. The strings, though, are ugly as sin; you might try a new sample and/or some effect processing. The syncopated synths stabs work at times but are distracting at others. The piano could benefit from a more loose, improvisational interpreation of the melody, including more trills and grace notes. I know it sounds like a lot, but if I pointed out all the WIPs strong points, I'd be filling up three times as much space. Looking forward to the finished product, and to seeing you on Friday with the rest of those crazy kids.

Vega's Ending:

Again, I wasn't feeling the dry strings in the intro, but once the beats, bass and tense piano came in, I was bouncing my head like whoa! I'm really feeling this as a rap beat. Shit, it's an exciting prospect; the strings even work once the rest of the instruments come in to compliment them. If matched with powerful vocals and finished with care, this could be one of the best tracks on the album.

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Hey, Jose, You want me to do some live scratching work on the tracks? I'd love to, if you think it would add to them. If you're interested, send me the wav file of the song, maybe record like 4 or 5 one to two second sayings or whatever for me to scratch. Then, just tell me where you want the scratching done!

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Blind and Leifo's Sagat is, indeed, finished, and awesome. One more track down.

How about that update on the first page? :wink:

Theres a diferent collab on Chun-Li. It would be good to have some color labels (like red for free track, green for taken track, blue for finished) or something...

Anyway, after my hard drive crash I am re-doing Chun-Li, and Shael (quite cruelly by the way), said that he was glad I lost the older version, cause this one is better.

So cheers!!! =D

EDIT: Me and Malcos are going to collab in Balrogs End.

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Akuma update 2: Revenge of the Updating Thing

Ok, I've wittled it down to two versions.

The first has limited clipping and good frequency range but limited amplitude.

The second has no clipping whatseoever, good amplitude but a limited frequency range.

This is probably down to the limitations of my setup, I can't get a good frequency range without sacrificing amplitude.

Ah well, I'm gonna have to pick one soon.

EDIT: My terminology needs work too. I meant dynamic range rather than frequency range.

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