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  1. i have sold the electribe
  2. yeah he's right that was an error on my part mega man 7 is snes and also i have sold the kaossilator pro. about the format i'll do it for you next time i did'nt know you put everything on the first page
  3. sellin some stuff here's a short list of things i'm about to sell on ebay but for now i only have one thing listed so you can contact me at djnesper@yahoo.com if you're interested in anything. shipping is not included in any of these prices. VIDEO GAMES _____________ all games are cart only unless otherwise noted [nes] mega man - 25.00 [nes] mega man 2 - 15.00 [nes] mega man 3 - 10.00 [nes] mega man 4 - 20.00 [nes] mega man 5 - 25.00 [nes] mega man 6 - 35.00 [nes] mega man 7 - 50.00 [sfc] rockman & forte (complete) - 75.00 [snes] mega man x2 - 50.00 [snes] mega man x3 - 75.00 [ps1] mega man x4 - 20.00 [ps1] mega man x6 - 20.00 [ps2] mega man x7 - 20.00 [snes] mega man soccer - 30.00 [nes] ninja gaiden - 10.00 [nes] ninja gaiden 2 - 10.00 [nes] ninja gaiden 3 - 20.00 [snes] un squadron - 20.00 [snes] illusion of gaia - 20.00 [snes] chrono trigger - 60.00 [snes] earthbound - 135.00 [snes] battletoads/double dragon - 20.00 [snes] earthworm jim 2 - 20.00 [snes] DKC 2 - 20.00 [sfc] mother 2 (complete) - 40.00 GAME EQUIPMENT _________________ HORI Real Arcade Pro EX - 150.00 SNES Super Scope + Metal Combat - 80.00 SNES Controller - 10.00 Microsoft XBOX 360 Kinect without Kinect Adventures but with Kinect Sports - 100.00 MUSIC EQUIPMENT _________________ korg kaossilator pro - 325.00 korg electribe emx - 325.00
  4. thanks ya'll he took it down
  5. nesper

    Xbox 360

    FUCK YEAH CUZ achievements for ikaruga
  6. fo sho much love fo tha love i been shown so far and it ain jus feedback dawg itz tha connection bein made that entailz tha feedback
  7. propz to dem boyz bLiNd and leifo puttin it dine fa real wit a muthaphuckin tiger uppercut
  8. hello my future girlfriend...this is wut i sound liek <3 - m3
  9. hey thnx for tha comments can't wait to hear your mix. i've already got a couple more pieces to put together with tha song...i just have to figure out how i want to arrange it. i have an intro that i made the other day so i'm planning on putting tha part you heard at least 30 secs into tha track if not a full minute. i've also got some more instruments that i've added and tha pad was a good suggestion cuz it was one that i added already. i can also hear what you are saying about tha bass and i thank you for bringing that to my attention. will fix accordingly. peace.
  10. haha it's cuz it's hosted on paletteswap and the site seems to have dissapeared for tha moment. EDIT: back up again...feedback appreciated.
  11. did anybody get a chance to listen to my wip? it seems as though paletteswap is down and i don't know why right now. furthermore i wonder if i'm bein hated on cuz no one has acknowledged my presence in this project. what is tha damn deal?
  12. http://www.nesper.paletteswap.com/zangief%20wip.mp3 jus a little somethin...gll=fire
  13. yo put me down fo zangief...i'll have a wip in a coupla days.
  14. song sounds really good blue...i think the ambient effects are good and add a really nice touch...some chill shit to sit back and get blowed up to.
  15. hey thnx fo tha help but i can't read sheet music. i also don't really know whatcha talkin bout when you say second lead. you mean when tha lead plays tha second part?
  16. competition menu: http://nespah.tripod.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/flippintwankieswip.mp3 sky sanctuary: http://nespah.tripod.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/sky_sanctuary_wip.mp3
  17. yeah...i'm trying to fix that...i believe it's a delay issue...still not sure. i have'nt really put a whole lot of time into this one, but since i'm almost finished with my other mix i'll be able to work this one out. thnx for the comments!
  18. here's what i got so far... http://nespah.tripod.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/sky_sanctuary_wip.mp3
  19. i'll have something up in a little bit on my other one.
  20. i like it a lot...sounds way closer to tha original than mine. here's that... http://nespah.tripod.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/flippintwankieswip.mp3 i've already got vocals recorded fo it but i wanna keep em on the dl fo now. holla back.
  21. FYI...i'm almost done with the comp menu and i have a little something for sky sanctuary done. i've decided to forget about lava reef and let whoever just have it. i'll post my shit in a couple days. peace.
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