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  1. We need some spleef fields. Don't know what spleef is? Look it up, basically it's a battle where you try to dig out the floor beneath your opponent on a given field. I've been watching them have spleef tournaments on and I think it would be a fun addition.
  2. I set up shop next door to Vimk's house of glass. I need to mess around with pressure plates and redstone dust.
  3. Wilkommen aus dem Geburtstagthread des Nekofrogs!
  4. Whoever did the Chrono Trigger one lost my vote the moment I read "could of" instead of "could have" (with the error fixed a few words later! RAGE) Good entries, people.
  5. Learn to read. I think there's even a youtube video where everyone was wondering why Mustin was so lazy as to plagiarize a Daft Punk song's bassline for the new arrangement.
  6. Thanks dudes! I really didn't expect a thread on my behalf. My birthday wish is that those of you with SSF4 win a match with Dan with a gadouken super. That is all. \m/
  7. Techies will not come back. Sorry.
  8. It's crap like this that makes me glad I'm not playing regularly with you guys. Taking things too seriously leads to fatigue leads to anger and a lack of desire to play any longer. I quit playing dota cause of in-game blame game shit. I had to ask myself whether playing dota was more important than retaining a good friendship, which of course wasn't the case. Since switching over to The Shizz I've enjoyed the game a million times over, even in losses. I guess that's because of camaraderie though. If you want to be super serious about everything, especially in a non-scrim, non-league game, let everyone know that ahead of time. Then if things don't go your way, you know to look over the game and take from it what you can to improve and better compete the next time. If you want to be super serious when people just want to relax and play some co-op video games (albeit ones that require a bit of concentration and active thinking & hand/eye coordination) then you're in the wrong place.
  9. Didn't he already sing for an italian orchestral metal band called Rhapsody or something? This shouldn't surprise anybody!
  10. Along with Mario Galaxy, I'm also now seeking Zach and Wiki, Endless Ocean, and Wii Play. PM with your offers~
  11. Hacky sack Ramune lychee flavor drink Korg tuner Wasabi peas Flannel shirt Belt Beaded pixel art (see my thread) Sushi-making kit w/book and DVD and of course a little money (though that is offset by the money I spent on replacing a dead laptop battery and power supply)
  12. Usually with Tensei we play on a US East server. Being on the other end of the country I usually have about 100-150 ping.
  13. Okay, time for a bump! My friend James decided to do beadsprite projects as Christmas presents for many of his friends. For the most part he did a "versus" theme, although for mine he decided to go a little differently. As I get pictures of the others I'll put them up; all of them are really great looking. My personal favorite (excluding this one he made for me) was the SF2 Ryu vs Ken. LuketheXJesse asked: Who made these? Almost all were done by my friend James (
  14. Does stuff like this count? or No? Yes? Sort of?