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SFIII Replays....win or fail?


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Strangely I don't see a SF3 online thread...maybe I'm just blind.

Anyway, the big feature with it is uploading replays to the youtube channel right? Which FINALLY work on xbox. Problem is, it's crap in my opinion. It took hours for my first replay to upload and the quality sucks on all the videos. I'm not really convinced that this will be the "revolutionary" new feature everyone said it would be.

Here's my replay

Playing as Ibuki (I know I'm crap no need to point it out)

Anyways, do you guys think the replay to youtube feature is a good or bad idea? Should it be used in more fighting games?

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Not necessarily just fighters, every game can take advantage of it.

Mabinogi has a built in video recorder and Youtube uploader to your own account. You can even specify the title, tags, and description and all that. That's good execution.

True. Execution is everything. Quality especially......240p? Are you serious capcom?

On a somewhat related note, I see that the new SFIII soundtrack has recieved extremely hostile response.....why?

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hostile cause it sucks balls except for a select few tracks

also wow, 360 can't upload to their own channel? really?

Kill me but I actually prefer most of the remixes. I was never a fan of the original third strike's soundtrack.

Yeah it's absolute bullshit but 360 users can't upload to their own channels. At least, not yet.....

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