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OCR02454 - *YES* Final Fantasy 'Fierce Fairground Fight' *RESUB*

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Contact Information

• Your ReMixer name: blackguitar

• Your userid (number, not name) on our forums, found by viewing your forum profile: 30704, Artist ID: 5877

Submission Information

• Name of game(s) arranged: Final Fantasy 1 (NES)

• Name of individual song(s) arranged: "Shop Theme", "Floating Castle", "Menu Screen"

• Link to the original soundtrack (if it is not one of the sound archives already available on the site):

• Your own comments about the mix, for example the inspiration behind it, how it was made, etc.:

When Brandon asked me to collaborate on his FF1 project, i was happy to help because i fell in love with the series' music nearly twenty years ago. To rework their musical roots means much to me. since nearly all tracks were taken when i entered the project, i decided to make a medley from 3 remaining pieces that, in my opinion, fit perfectly together (with a little harmonic change here and there). The project goal was to recreate the music in a progressive-rock-metal-fashion, and a dark mood suited perfectly for me, so i modulated two songs to minor. the evil "Floating Castle" didn't need a change, it sounded genuine metal from the beginning. The funny "Shop Theme" sounds like a fairground organ piece to me, thus, i chose that instrument and also named the whole remix: "Fierce Fairground Fight". Hope you like it!

Brandon asked me to make a breakdown when i submit this so here it is.

0:00-0:10 Intro (Original)

0:10-0:18 "Shop Theme"

0:18-0:55 "Shop Theme" (minor)

0:55-1:34 "Floating Castle"

1:34-1:58 Transition (loosely based on "Menu Screen" (minor))

1:58-2:34 "Menu Screen" (minor)

2:34-2:44 Intro (Original) + Transition

2:44-3:31 "Shop Theme" + "Floating Castle" mixed

3:07-3:31 Solo ("Shop Theme"-harmonies)

3:31-3:43 Transition

3:43-5:39 Outro (loosely based on "Menu Screen" (minor))

This is a project track (Brandon Strader's FF1-Project)

EDIT: Resubmitted this on OA's advice to soften the brickwall-limiter. hope its ok now...

EDIT #2: Man, this mix went to hell and back. It’s the second RESUB, i really pray for it to be accepted. Big credits go to Sascha Stange @ Razorblade Records. He mixed and mastered this and he did an incredible job, thank you, man!

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That's the space that this needed. Sounds infinitely improved on the production end. Powerful and punchy, it's so nice.

The sections that modulated to minor were pretty great, and the sonic variety is excellent. I'm really glad you put in the work to get this to it's current form. :-)


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Sounds awesome dude, I've always loved the arrangement but now that the mixing is really clicking, it's on a whole another level. Time well spent, in my opinion, this is definitely an album highlight now if it wasn't already one :-)


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