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How do i use .nsf files in a DAW?

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There are programs which will convert an NSF into midi data, which will allow you to import the note information for its various parts into any DAW. That's obviously separate from the audio data, but you didn't say specifically which part you're looking for.

It's a good shortcut if you just want to know what all the notes are. Back in the early days of this site, you could pretty much get away with just taking the NSF, converting it to MIDI and assigning slicker instrument sounds to it. :)

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NSF to midi doesn't work for shit.

What are you trying to accomplish? If you're sampling NES tunes hoping to make a remix for OCR, don't, because OCR will reject you outright. If you wrote your own NSFs however, I'm assuming you probably did it in FT, and still have your FTMs. The best way is to load up your FTMs into FT, solo each track and export each track to wav, then load em up into your DAW.

If you don't have FTMs, you're likely stuck using a winamp plugin and winamp's disk writer output like Oinkness said. I do not recommend doing that though, because most (if not all) winamp NSF plugs have terrible timing and your head will explode trying to work around it.

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