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OCR01362 - Xenosaga "Ein Anderer Abschied"


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The composer's a she. And her name is Yuki Kajiura. I personally liked her style of songs actually. Chants and everything. Mitsuda was great, but somehow I found his choice of vocals rather disappointing. It just didnt fit with Xenosaga I, imo. Yuki Kajiura's done more anime ost's than game, like Noir, Hack and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.

I loved Yasunori Mitsuda in Xenosaga, so I was disappointed to hear of his replacement for XSII and XSIII. However, Yuki Kajiura did a fantastic job with it and I find her sound fit the game a lot better than Mitsuda's. I have been listening to a Xenogears, Xenogears CREID, Xenosaga I, II, and III mix on my computer (while I read), and I have found that a lot of the times I a song captures my ear it belongs to Xenosaga I or II.

As for PriZm's work: Great work. I love pretty much anythings with choral female vocals, and this delivers well. It's almost haunting in the beginning, and mid song provides a nice contrast to the beat of the song. Good listen.

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The sound effects throughout were pretty distracting, but otherwise, the mix was awesome- great guitar solo in the middle and some great progression from being a bit more mysterious and then into a straight up war march. Totally awesome.

Some of the singing had a bit of intonation issues, but overall this is a great piece. Nice work. :-)

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Each sample sports its own charming, unforgettable character, from cheesy horns to goddess-y vocals to swift and playful swishes/scratches. Can't say I'm too keen on the execution, though - despite the steady pace and progression, the mix tends to feel trapped between acting aggressive and placid due to either some samples' conflicting vibes or some leads' mini crests and falls in harmony.

Lots of bold blends in here, but it's like an acquired taste overall.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01362 - Xenosaga "Ein Anderer Abschied"

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