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  1. Love this mix! I'm guessing the title is in reference to the French band "Caravan Palace", which also has this kind of EDM/swing hybrid thing going on. Great job!
  2. ok I got the mix reuploaded so I'm ready for mod review again. Thanks!
  3. Yeah I play 5-string bluegrass style (3-finger) as well. I know exactly what you are talking about though .
  4. Hi everyone, sorry I haven't responded in a bit...been away w/ the holidays and all then basically rebuilt my pc with some Black Friday purchases . Anyway, I really appreciate all the input, and especially the Reverend for his very detailed response. I did tweak the mix (which has been uploaded), and tried to tighten the transitions and a few loose banjo parts. All in all though I think it's good to go, so I'm going to submit this for mod review. thanks again for all of your extremely valuable input!
  5. Yeah, I was originally going to do the Character select in half time, to get it at more of the original tempo, but honestly I'm just not that fast and eventually I liked it as more of a laid back swing as I thought I could do a lot more with the tune. But I hear you...it does seem slow at first!
  6. Wow thanks! I consider your Mario 'Dix'ieland remix the gold standard for what I was trying to accomplish so that means a lot ! I agree about the transitions, especially the one right before the bass breakdown. I just couldn't think of a better way to handle it...but something just doesn't sit right with how it transitions, maybe I can tweak it a bit more. I agree that my playing is admittedly sloppy at times...I only wish audio could be quantized as easily as MIDI. Hopefully they'll give me some grace points with that in mind .
  7. Thanks for the comments, all! I uploaded a new mix in which I toned down the bass a bit, and also fixed a couple of the messy drum parts. Is there anything else that needs tightening up before I submit for mod review? thanks! http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=9881504
  8. Hi, Just completed my first full-fledged VG remix so I wanted to get everyone's thoughts on it before I submit it for review. I think it could probably use a little more polish and since I've listened to it a hundred or so times, it would be great for a fresh set of ears to take a listen and give feedback. I'm sure the source material should be pretty familiar to all. It's done in the David Grisman style of bluegrass/jazz fusion, so it's probably a lot different than anything else on here...not sure if that's good or not ! Hope you like! Thanks so much! http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=9881504 EDIT: Since I'm in mod review status, I'll go ahead and post the source material below just in case they want a quick A/B comparison.
  9. nicely done! Tightly woven crunch guitar contrasted by a silky piano give the mix a great contrast in elements! The female vocals sound EXACTLY like the one used in the Space Ghost: Coast 2 Coast intro. That's what first perked my ear .
  10. Great sounding mix...Reminds me alot of the old Atari 2600 "Asteriods" game.
  11. I posted a sample request for Celtic songs in the Sample request thread. And while I didn't get any suggestions as of yet, I did come across a sample set from Zero-g aptly titled "Celtic". http://www.zero-g.co.uk/index.cfm?articleid=383 It looks like its a collection of audio/WAV/ACID. I use Sonar Home Studio 4 XL, and I'm not familiar at all with ACID. Probably a no-brainer question, but how would I incorporate this into Sonar? thanks!
  12. Hi I'm looking for some quality ethnic samples. Mostly Celtic, but others would be awesome too. Some primary samples I'm looking for are: Uillean Pipes, Accordion, Bodhran (Irish Drum), and an Ethnic Fiddle sound. thanks! p.s. is there anyway to search text in a specific topic? That way I don't have to scroll through 49 pages of posts just to make sure this hasn't already been requested 100 times?
  13. Am I looking in the wrong place? Scitscat.com has EWQLSO for $199, and the XP Upgrade for $195. Was it on sale at one point?
  14. Sorry to beat a dead horse, but can anyone provide links to where EWQLSO Silver is being sold for $100-$125? I Froogled it and the cheapest I found was Musician's Friend, who have it for $149.99.
  15. Also check out SJ Orchestral & Squidfont. Squidfont has some really good marcato & pizzicato and SJ Orchestral just has good all-around instrumentation. They are both fairly large, however (approx 75MB) so you might need to download rgc: audio's sfz player if you don't have it (it uses disk streaming that allows you to play larger soundfont files). Also make sure to pick up the Roland Orchestral Percussion set, which has an amazing orchestral hit sample. SJ Orchestral - http://www.sf2midi.com/index.php?page=sdet&id=7487 Squidfont & ROP - http://soundfonts.darkesword.com/ SFZ - http://www.rgcaudio.com/downloads/freeware/ If you ever come by some extra $$$, I would check out East West Sympohic Orchestra. You can get the Silver edition for $149 at Musician's Friend right now. hope this helps!
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