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OCR02612 - *YES* Donkey Kong Country 3 (GBA & SNES) 'Footloose Falls'


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Your ReMixer name: Emunator

Your real name: Wes McDonald

Your website: I guess emunator.deviantart.com for now, will probably change it later.

Your userid (number, not name) on our forums, found by viewing your forum profile: 16467

Name of game(s) arranged: Donkey Kong Country 3 (both GBA and SNES soundtracks)

Name of arrangement: Footloose Falls

Name of individual song(s) arranged: Cascade Capers (Waterfall) SNES & GBA

Additional information about game: GBA soundtrack composed by David Wise, SNES soundtrack by Eveline Novakovic



Comments: Aside from a few short project tracks that ended up being part of multicollabs and a few improv piano pieces, this is the first song I've ever finished in my life, as well as my first solo submission to the site. That said, I feel like I've learned a lot from being involved in the evaluation/workshop/project directing side of OCR enough to get an intuitive feel for remixing so that I've been able to jump right into the world of mixing and arranging without actually having much musical background/history aside from a few years of self-teaching piano. Shoutouts to Ergosonic, Flexstyle, Cody Wedel, halc, WillRock, Jason Covenant, OA, and a million other people who listened to this through its creation and gave me motivation to finish :)

As for this mix, it started off as an original track that was intended to be entirely ethnic/ambient, drawing heavy inspiration from mv's classic "A Foray into Eastern Horizons." However, the chord progression reminded me of Cascade Capers, one of my favorite tracks off of David Wise's criminally-underappreciated Gameboy Advance remake of the Donkey Kong Country 3 soundtrack. I arranged around that for a bit before realizing that the totally-unique SNES version was also in the same key and had a lot of backing elements to pull from that fit nicely with the soundscape I'd already come up with. I added a dance beat as a joke, initially, but I guess it stuck and what I ended up with is some weird-yet-cohesive (I think, anyway!) genre-fusion that I think works pretty well.

The mix was done entirely in FL Studio 10. The ambient sounds were pulled from free sample packs across the net and Alchemy Player (which is, bar-none, the most gorgeous-sounding free synth software anywhere) the beats were default FL Studio samples and Kore Player for the ethnic percussion, the instruments were all from Sampletank, and all the riffs/backing tracks were played live on my electronic piano and then quantized to fit. The bassline was actually rendered by my buddy Flexstyle using Harmless and Toxic Biohazard. Thanks for that!


- Wes

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yeah yeah, this is nice stuff here. samples and synths are pretty tight. great integration of the two sources. mixing isn't without its faults, but is very strong for a first (solo) sub. a little disappointed that you didn't mention how much you ripped off me and anosou's mix of (one of) the same sources in your submission novel though.

ok i guess

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I've never heard anything apart from your piano work on that Pokemon sub, so I wasn't sure what to expect. This was very chill and tasteful, but with a surprising electro-house bass. I love seeing weird combinations like that, when they work. If there's anything that could be improved, it's the sequencing of the lead. It was a little rigid most of the time, both in terms of timing and the way the sample played the same each time (which may come down to the instrument or the velocities). But when the mixing is solid, the instruments are high-quality, and the arrangement is good, one aspect that's not totally working isn't going to sink it.


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