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Acid Jazz Recommendations


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I've never been super clear on what acid jazz is, but I think Quantic might qualify. Here's a song by him, one of my favourites called Life in the Rain:

It gets real good, I especially like the guitar solo section and the beat behind it.

Here's another I like called Snake in the Grass:

I dunno if this is quite what you're looking for but I hope it helps.

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I've never been super clear on what acid jazz is,
Me neither. It's a pretty vague term actually, like rock or pop.

Usually it's heavily loop driven jazz, in the veins of instrumental hip-hop, however it does extend to nu-funk, nu-jazz, fusion, jazz-funk, pop and even that jazzy chiptune stuff I do. A lot of acid-jazz can be pretty much electronic free jazz, which isn't so down my alley, too atonal for me.

Here's a conservative, loop driven type band you might dig.

Also, check out

, they're less of that loopy yawn hip-hop side and way more funk. So flippin' great please say you know them. Also they're British. :-o

These guys are also pretty HAWT. Again, I wouldn't've called 'em acid-jazz, but hey.

Another band on the British scene.

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