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ilp0's pop quiz


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Man, the worst is when you know them but can't name them...

These are the ones I could name (hidden to prevent spoilers):

Great Balls of Fire

Rapper's Delight


Our House (In The Middle of Our Street)

These are the ones I recognized but couldn't name off the top of my head:

Piece of My Heart

See Me, Feel Me


London Calling

Enjoy The Silence


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I got 7.

1 Great Balls of Fire

2 Like a Rolling Stone (Bob Dylan)

3 You Only Live Twice (John Barry / James Bond)

4 Breathe (Pink Floyd)

5 Y Y Z (Rush)

6 Our House

7 Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode)

There were a few that I recognized but couldn't identify. Really surprised at myself for not picking up on See Me Feel Me and Under the Bridge.

Great job with the medley. Love your guitar work...

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Excellent choices!

Spoily comments below.

I got:

Minor Swing

So What

Great Balls

Man with Harmonica


You Only Live Twice

Rappers Delight


Our House


Under The Bridge


Man with Harmonica I got entirely because muse play it live, lol. I was trying to figure out if it was from Inception or not for a while.

Props for including django/floyd

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