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OCR01385 - *YES* Doom 'Purgatory'


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Some damn cool bits... if passed, perhaps we can ask for a better encode... - djp

Dear DjPretzel,

My name is Mick Gordon and I own and run and Audio production company based in Australia that produces music, sound effects and voice talent for game, film and television. I also own a TV Audio Advertising company called Noise30 and do the occasional remix, under the name 'N-Jekted', of pop songs for radio airplay. I have always been a fan of OcRemix and I thought that it was time to submit my own!

Title: Doom Purgatory OCReMix

From the Game: Doom (id Games 1993)

Description: This is a remix of a few themes from the cult classic Doom, originally scored by Bobby Prince. For this I grabbed my trusty hand-made 7-String guitar and bunch of audio production software and bashed away.

Id like to describe it as Slipknot and Maralyn Manson meet...well...Bobby Prince and the two Johns. This was actually done about 18 months ago and was incredibly rushed. The only real instrument there is the guitars - there is about 8 overdubbed, the drum and synth programming was done in FLStudio 4, with a small amount done in Nuendo 2.0.

Many thanks and keep up to great work with OCRemix! If this one goes well I have another Remix of the music from the classic game, 'The Journeyman Project'.

Mick Gordon

CEO/Lead Audio Engineer

Lava Injection Studios



Social Director

Greater Brisbane IGDA



The Experts in Audio Engineering

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http://www.cs.helsinki.fi/u/vvnurmi/midis/Doom - "At Doom's Gate (E1M1)", "Kitchen Ace (And Taking Names) [E1M4]" & "Sinister (E2M6)"

Wish people would say what the hell they're specifically mixing. Cool subtle intro and the screaming leading up to the guitar work coming in at :52 was an excellent idea, especially keeping the name of the remix in mind. I liked the expanded cover of "At Doom's Gate" coming in at 1:12, including the subtle voice effects in there to start it off. Things quickly moved into an original section starting at 1:38, including some nice progressive style soloing at 1:49 played on top of "Kitchen Ace" that reminded me of Christian Pacaud's style, though I suppose faster.

Nice transition at 2:21 into the riffing, subsequently leading into some more subtle work arranging "Sinister" VERY briefly from 2:20-2:30, and then going into what I can only guess was an original section from 2:30-3:11, since none of the Doom MIDIs I listened to sounded anything like it. Sounded vaguely like "Suspense (E1M5)", but maybe analoq can break it down for us. More arrangement of "At Doom's Gate" followed from 3:21-3:56 before going to the finish.

The transitions all seemed fine to me; perhaps too sudden for some, but they worked well in a progressive sense. The performance on guitar was solid, and the other sequenced instrumentation fit pretty well. The track did sound dull, so a better encoding could give it some sharpness, but I wouldn't have a huge problem with it going up as is, MINUS the 17 seconds of silence left at the end of the track as well. Unacceptable to actually post the track like that until that's fixed at least. In any case, the mastering needs a bit more work, but overall, the mixing was still done reasonably well.


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Well, I for one was impressed with the ideas thrown around in the arrangement. Rarely do I get a piece that places a lot of emphasis on the "journey" of the listener. This song is very conscious of where it's going, and where it's been, and in that regard, it's a welcome rarity to listen to.

The section about 2/3's in is a bit dull and repetitive. But that's the only real mar I can find in this otherwise resplendant piece. Oh, and that 20 second delay at the end gotsta go.


--provided we get higher encode

--Lose the billion year delay

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WINGLESS made a good point.... NO WAY!!!! The section starting at 2:30 is pretty boring and repetitive though it did follow an action packed portion of the mix so I can understand the idea of giving the listener a break..... I just don't take kindly to breaks.*

Otherwise great stuff that I usually hate genre-wise but this one did suprisingly well with me. The solo was fun and the scale stuff afterwords made me happy. I am in love with the rhythm part underneath the solo. Also the synth interludes are good icing.

Can't wait for that Journeyman business. THE EXPERTS IN AUDIO ENGINEERING!


*I too have now referenced the sexual harassment panda episode Larry

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That intro is hot stuff. It really takes you down through the depths of something that I would care not to dream about before exploding into the all out-guitar assault. The familiar Doom themes makes their presence known without being covers and a good amount of original material is incorporated to keep the sounds fresh. Rounding out the straight crunch of the rhythm guitars are some truly killer artificial harmonics wails, crazy solos, interjection of some slick synth/processing work at 1:12, 1:37, 2:20, etc. and a seriously hyperactive (in a good way) double-bass.

The general muddiness on this track is bothersome. It’s a great relief to hear the screaming lead come in at 1:49 to provide the first solid high frequencies since the screams in the intro. I can’t tell if the encoding or the mixing is the bigger culprit but my vote is pending a better encoding to make sure that the bulk of the mud can be eliminated. That harmonics shot at 3:30 would sound so awesome with the highs that, say, 160kbps could offer up.

Good tribute to a good game. Thanks for sending this our way Mick.


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I wrote Mick just a few hours ago and it only took him 2 hours to hit me back with the cleaner version! Awesome!

Hey Larry!

Thanks for getting back to me.

Here is a link to a re-mastered, 48000, 192kbs (17 seconds shorter) Doom Remix. Unfortunately, since the remix was done such a long time ago, the original working files have been lost but I did find the wave file so I was able to make things a little bit clearer!

Its is just under 6 meg (5.58) so I hope that is ok. If there is any other problems please let me know.


Nah, no problems at all. Everything sounds cleaner and more powerful. Props again on this one, and thanks for getting back to us so quickly!

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