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*NO* Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 'A Stormy Affair'

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ReMixer names:


Kristina Scheps - 45254


David Enterlein - 45718

Submission information:

Game arranged: Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time

ReMix name: "A Stormy Affair"

Songs arranged: "Song of Storms" & "Zelda's Lullaby"

Composer: Koji Kondo

remix mp3 attached

soundcloud link:

link to workshop forum post:


Who doesn't love "Song of Storms?" Yes it has been done to death, but for good reason.

David and I intended this song to tell a story. The old-vinyl intro brings to mind a crackly black-and-white film of a grandfather with his grandson on his lap, saying "Did I ever tell you about the big storm of 1942? Well son, it was amazing..." As the child gazes into his grandfather's eyes, the scene of the storm begins to unfold in black and white, and quickly morphs into full color 3D as the song drops. The cadence of the song continues to tell the story: the sky turns dark suddenly, wind picks up, temperature drops 20 degrees... a few raindrops begin to fall, but the storm recedes briefly... then whammo, the storm is in full force! Time to run for cover and hope the roof holds up! Rain spatters the windows and the wind howls... louder, faster... but then as quickly as it began, the storm ends and moves on... leaving a sense of calm and the earth refreshed, with puddles to splash in.

We hope you enjoy "A Stormy Affair." The song has been in the workshop forum since Sept 17th and has been reviewed three times by Rozovian (thank you Rozo, you're the best).


- hut - lullaby

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Yo, where the leads at? This is a pretty unique take on the theme, I would have never expected something like this to work stylistically, but before I can really even say anything about this, the fact remains that there's no solid lead in the song for almost 2 minutes :-( It helps that Song of Storms has one of the most memorable chord progressions EVER, but the fact that you don't directly reference the Song of Storms melody once, except for the brief piano intro, is a problem :? There's a few things I guess MIGHT be leads, but they're so quiet I can't even tell.

Overall, your master feels kind of bass-heavy to me, though maybe it's just imbalanced due to the issue I brought up in the last paragraph. I can't really tell for sure. The ragtime piano in the intro/outro could also be brought up in volume, even though it's meant to feel distant from the rest of the track it still seems unnecessarily quiet here.

The style here is right, and for the most part I think your instrumentation/writing is solid, it's definitely personalized enough and very fun and groovy. It just drags for the first few minutes without any dominant melody to latch onto. I'd like to hear this one back with that issue addressed :-)

NO (resubmit!)

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I had a tough time putting my finger what wasn't quite right on this, until I read Emu's vote. The lack of a strong lead makes this track lose focus and direction, and as such I have a hard time keeping focused on it. It feels a little too much like background music. I also found the transition at 1:45 to be really jarring and out of place. It also felt like there were some clashes in that section; I'd look it over closely and pick out your harmonies.

I will agree with Emu on the bass being a bit overpowering, and I'd also like to hit on the drums a little. Overall they feel pretty generic, and the loops lose interest after a while. Adding more variety there will also help keep the track more interesting, and careful drum planning can help keep your track focused. Definitely something to think about ;)

There's a solid start here, but there's also a lot to work on. Use our WIP forums to get some more advice, and I'd like to hear this one again sometime.

NO (resubmit)

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okay, well I LOVED the transition into 4/4 when the bass entered at :20. the plunky articulation on every note on the piano was a little bothersome but overall very nicely written parts. sound design was pretty neat, and the minimalist percussion didn't bother me too much in the context of the mix, but I agree that it was on auto-pilot. however, like the others my main issue is with the lack of melodic focus in the first half of the track, it needs that drive. the lead at 2:17 was totally ballin' though. that whole section was great.

this is a very close call for me. overall I'm feeling good about the sounds and mixing, one more pass at the arrangement would steal my vote. :)


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