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First attempt at ReMixing (Sorry, it's Schala's Theme)


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I was just working on a little arrangement of Schala's theme, because why not:smile:

Anyway, it turned out a bit different than I intended (Read. Somehow Cave Story got involved)

I'm a bit concerned that the mix gets a bit muddled towards the end, so I thought maybe you folks might have some tips to help me be a better mixer.

Here's the link:


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I just heard and for a first it's good. It gave me the hop n go to do a drum and bass like remix of this source. This gave me a lot of idea!!

The clap are awkward. I think they don't fit here with the style. Would be better with shackle of something like that. (Or shaker ? I dunno what u call them ^^) The kick won't fit there. The drum is repetetive. And the source too. You need a little bit of expansion.

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Just listened to it.


The percussion sounds really good.

The lead (erhu?) sounds quite profesh.

A bit after the claps kick in, the harmonising lead is sick nasty! :-)


The harmonising backing parts need to blend nicer.

The lead (erhu?) needs to be far more Legato, especially if it's Erhu. It's one of the qualities of the instrument.

The claps just ruin the feel that is present everywhere else. Change them to Taiko or something.

The source needs more variation. I enjoy it, but you should try going somewhere else with it at times.

Though, even though the cons outweigh the pros at the moment, I'm sure you can take this somewhere excellent!

For a first ReMix, this is excellent. Everyone has gotta start somewhere and it looks like you've got some real talent.

Can't wait to see how this turns out! ;-)

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Pretty good for a first attempt, but there are some thing si noticed.

The bells/chimes and strings in the beginning sections aren't really to my liking. They just kind of sound out of place or fake or something to that extent. The clap also sounds very robotic and not very fitting. I would put in some change-ups for the bells/chimes as they just basically repeat the same melody over and over again with no change, so that's probably not a good thing. Also some of the parts of the arrangement doesn't seem to be fitting together note-wise so I'd take a look into how you've constructed changes from the melodies and counter-melodies of the original.

One thing I like is how you programmed the hand drums. Maybe adding a little skin or some snare drum like qualities may add that little extra for them to really push them. I dunno, give it a try, see if it works.

But the mix does need a lot of work. Keep on keeping on.

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You need a greater change in sound to make the second half make sense. Now it just sounds like you threw in a soft synth lead, a bass and a clap. I can imagine this concept working quite well, but you'd need to either make the later instrumentation fit in better, or make the second half more in line with where those instruments would fit in. Or you could just replace them. Most of the sounds fit well together, good choices.

Repetition is an issue, but I'd say it's tolerable. Not for a ReMix (ocr-style arrangement), but as a regular remix. It's not nearly as big an issue as the clap and the second half of the mix.

It's been said already, but the hand drums are nice. The intro works well, tho the strings are imo not the greatest fit. The bells sound way more human (second bells might be a touch too loud), the strings sound like a keyboard instrument. Humanize them, at least where they're exposed like that. You could possibly mask it with effects or pick a different string sample, but the sample works ok imo.

For a first, this is good stuff. I won't get into further details about levels and EQ, you should focus on the arrangement for now imo.

Nice avatars KM* and mirumu. :D

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Thanks for the feedback, guys, it was really helpful!

I'll be tinkering with this for a while and see where it goes.

I did mess around with an alternate intro that is an arrangement of "The Day the World Revived," also from Chrono Trigger, and I'm really liking where that's going 8)

I probably won't be able to work on it much for a bit since classes start soon, sigh.

And Rozovian/KM*- Seiken Densetsu 3 is my jam, man.

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It's a lot better than my first few attempts were back when I started!

Schala is a good place to start, since it's such a captivating source and it's simple musically.

A few starter points to look into:

- The drums are repetitive. That said, personally my drums are overhauled 2-3x during my creation process. Try to make the drums accent the music, and inversely make the music accent the drums. Right now it sounds like the drums are just there to keep tempo, when they should be there to give life to the beat of the song.

- The bell/chime repeating pattern. It's very catchy and is throughout the entirety of the source, but it gets old and stale quickly when it's left alone for 4 minutes, especially since it's slowed down. Try pushing it back in the mix a bit (some reverb and maybe 3-5db lower) so that it's there but not right in front. You could also try blending it with other similar phrasing so that it gives the listener something new to hear.

- It's slowly building up but doesn't seem like it ever really goes somewhere. This may be your intent, but while I was listening to it I kept thinking "Ok, now he added that.." or "Oh, there's that again.." Try changing up the movement of the song so that it's taking the listener somewhere. You need a big high point of the song to get your listeners to. On a scale of 1 to 10 it probably starts around a 2 and goes up to a 4 by the end. It's fine to start out at a 2, but make sure you're bringing it up to at least a 7 or 8 at some point in the song so that the listener can go back and feel satisfied. Think like a roller-coaster, you don't want that starting ascent to end right before you take the plunge, you want to give them that plunge too.

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