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Mischief Makers - Any Track (recommendations in thread)

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"Shake shake!"

The Game

Mischief Makers is a somewhat little-known game for the N64. The game was was released in 1997, having been developed and published by Treasure and Enix respectively. It is a 2D side-scrolling platformer that's as fun as all get out.

The game follows Marina Liteyears, a robotic maid who kicks ass and takes names on her quest to save the kidnapped Professor Theo from the evil Empire. Marins'a adventures take place on planet Clancer, whose primary residents are--you guessed it--Clancers. A lot of the tools and technology in this game are Clancer-made, and they have the unique look to prove it. Throughout the game, Marina battles a variety of creatures and badass beast mechs. CERBERUS ALPHA! HELL YEAH!

If you haven't played it, check this game out.

The Music

Mischief Makers has an amazing soundtrack for being such an under-acclaimed game. I could go on, but I'll let some of the music speak for itself:

-Just to give you a feel for what this game's world is like, here's a video of introduction. You can tell already that they use some pretty unique sounds in this game--at least I've never heard anything like quite like it.

-This is probably the most memorable theme in the game, as it recurs in many stages, and is the main character's theme.

-It's honestly been years since I've played, so I don't remember where in the game this song took place, but I totally dig it.

-Sweet jebus, how awesome is this for a mini boss theme? Gets me pretty pumped.

-"LOOK AT ME," quoth the awesome boss battle track.

Bottom Line

All that said, Mischief Makers is a great game with a great soundtrack that I would love to see done justice on OCReMix. I haven't made many requests in the seven or eight years I've been around here, but it would really make my day to see this game represented. Do me a solid, will ya? :)

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It would be an awesome thing to behold to see MM mixes (MMMs?) on OCR.

Adding to that, the Emperor theme and Final Battle theme would go well together, I feel. But Marina's theme is probably more deserving.

I'm not sure if Nazo^2 did the music, or a member thereof, but it's your typical Treasure greatness.

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