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Nintendo Rambo - Main Theme


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Hey everyone, I'm rather new to this "Video Game Remixing" fun and I have submitted this track for mod review. I would like to see and read of what you all have to say. ;D

A little about me.

Name is Jeff, and my stage name is JT. Been playing piano since 5 and took 5 years of theory (1 year in college), and am also currently studying Audio Tech.

I love Dance Trance music and started creating music about 4 years ago using a computer and my keyboard. I have just recently started producing "Listenable" tracks.

I used the MIDI (Only source of the track I could find), to find the key, and view the structure of the track. The only part that I used note for note was the midbass in which I also messed with the arrangement. I hand built/wrote the rhythm arped synth with emphasis on the midbass.

I used a trumpet (Which I played myself by transposing everything from concert C to Bb) to kinda glue the melody lead in with the backing synths. The sub bass is pretty straight forward and not over powering.

All in all this is your typical straightforward progressive Trance Tune.

Let me know what you all think.

Best wishes and Thanks a ton,


Soundcloud Link:


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I'd suggest that this track may not quite be ready for mod review, and you might want to try and get some more opinions from folks before you mark it as such. Also, make sure you include a link to your source (even if it's just a MIDI somewhere) so we have something to go off of. Check this post for a bit more info on the mod review process.

A couple of quick things, though--your kick drum seems to be panned to the right, which is really annoying and very contrary to "proper" trance structure (keep kick and bass centered). Also, your supersaws are drenched in some kind of reverb that makes them seem muddy, and by that I mean you should probably cut back on the reverb, as well as possibly cut out some midrange frequencies from the supersaw.

Let's see about a couple more revisions before mod review, eh? ;-)

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Thanks Flex,

I have only very slight reverb on the Saws; however, I do have the release around 30 to give it a slight "Sustained" effect. I was kinda shooting for it the saws to mesh and "Carry" the other parts of the track through.

MIDI I found was here:


Thanks a bunch man,


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There is no rules against doing a mod review, but it is important you read the forum rules before you post it as such.

Flex hit the main issue - the panned kick. As a general rule, The kick and bass should be centered in the mix, its what drives the rhythm of a track and with the kick being so strong, it gets taxing on my right ear. Two other main issues for are the lack of textural change and the rather generic (yet good sound design) synth lead. The production seems to be mostly there minus that kick issue, and I need a source link to mod review this properly.

Midi rips don't get on OCR, you need to arrange the track yourself and give it your own spin on the source material. I'll change the thread prefix to WIP, but feel free to move it to finish if you feel this is done.

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