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OCR02655 - *YES* Mega Man 10 & 1 'Bleets of Lightning'


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Remixer Name - WillRock,

Remix Name: Bleets of Lightning

Game: Mega Man, Mega Man 10


Elec Man - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ns0NSzqnjvA

Sheep Man -

So, the second round of the GRMRB. This was the point I was almost defeated, and it was rather... stressful? Yeah sure it was. Ok, so I put up some rather standard 80's synth fair with rock influences, and my opponent put up something that sounded like it was made by the shadows. So yeah, I almost got my ass kicked, but thankfully, my mix won favor thanks to some loopholes with people not voting in all the rounds etc. Was one of the most interesting match-ups in the whole compo imo. Anyway, this is more 80's chiptune synthy rocky rubbish that you'll all either love or hate. For some random banter, on the week I did this mix, I got epically fraped by my sister, and thus my facebook not only had a picture of a sheep on it, but it also had a me listed as a liking sheep, reading sheep books, listening to sheep music, even being put into a relationship with a sheep. Probably the most annoying frape of all time, it literally took me a few months to get rid of it all because I kept finding new things to get rid of a month later or something... For the record, I got rid of most of the sheep fair, but I changed my profile pic to sheep man.

Baaaaaah humbug.

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Love the processing on your intro synths. This is pretty much standard WillRock faff but it's good stuff. It's the little details in here that make the song stand out, like the subtle piano transitions, or the little details/automation you use on your synths to give them some personality.

Take note everyone who's reading, this is a mighty fine example of a very simple concept that's executed with the proper amount of finesse, detail, and care to make it stand out. I'm digging this :-)


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