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Vocalist for Mirror's Edge remix


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Track is arranged and aside from the vocal stuff mixed, Mark Lock and I (mostly Mark) have put together a pretty sweet set of lyrics for the track, now we just need a vocalist. Preferably female.

PM me or respond here if you are you a preferably female vocalist wanting to sing on this track. :P


I was just screwing around with Logic and ended up with a house-ish remix of Still Alive from Mirror's Edge. Blame her. I've got most of the track written, in a style somewhat influenced by BT, and the way it turned out seems to lend itself more to vocals than to being instrumental only.

I need a strong vocalist and a lyrics writer, preferably the same person, and preferably someone with some experience in harmonies and performance. As it goes fairly high the way it is now, I'm probably looking for a female vocalist, but things can be transposed and changed. Besides, what do I know about vocals? ;)

As for the lyrics, I have a handful of ideas. Thematically it should fit the game, but that shouldn't be hard. Having played Mirror's Edge is a plus, but not a must. I haven't. :D A few melodies are sketched out, but they're far from set in stone.

Anyone interested can talk here, or try catch me on aim or irc today. I'm not sharing the wip itself here, only privately.

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I may be a male vocalist but I've been singing professionally for 8 years now. Plus I've been writing lyrics for about 3 years for my own stuff. I can adapt to many a style if need be, but you can check out some of my older work in the youtube link in the signature ( I know you were talking about the signature in the forums before and I haven't gotten time to really work on mine but it works for what its worth and I'll do more with it when I have the time). Any questions, please ask me.

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Fun stuff. :D Do you have something where you're not overacting? I'm looking for a more... uh, normal voice, for less animated music. ;)

(and there's nothing that says you can't put links in a post, eg to your least overacted vid or something)

I can send you an example over by email. I'll send you a private message with my email to you and you can send yours to me.

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I can help you, if you'd like. :)

I have a strong vocal and style range. (Male! ha ha)

PM me an address or add me on Skype! I can send you samples (lyrics and sung) and see if it's what you're looking for. :)

P.S. Avid Mirror's Edge fan and apparently a natural at harmony lol :P

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Lyrics are done (left the old post in the first post for reference). PM me your contact info, be it email, skype, aim, whatever, and we'll talk. Mark came up with some cool melodies for it, I'll send you what we've got once I know where to. :)

If you don't mind a guy, I'd like to throw my own voice in for consideration. http://www.youtube.com/user/JLawrenceKenny?feature=mhee

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