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"Touhou Mecha" Chapter 1 released - a kinetic-style novel with a soundtrack by meeee


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Hey guys

So this is what I've been up to lately: At another forum I post on, this guy said he was looking for music for his "Touhou Mecha" kinetic novel - a kind of visual novel without any branching storylines, and that it was almost done and his first musician went MIA. I saw some screencaps and since the project was almost done I signed on without hesitation. After all, it's about goddam big robots.

The guy in charge, Graph, did most of the artwork/programming himself, and it's quite an impressive little story. I did 99% of the music save for one of the battle songs that was already completed. It's kind of a rare style for me, I don't normally do orchestral stuff, but it was very fun to write and pretend I was writing for some big mecha anime like Gundam. Can't really compare myself to the guys working @ Sunrise but I think I did ok.

You guys should check it out, I'm proud to put another notch on my belt for soundtrack work :D and I'm pretty proud to be a part of this awesome thing.

You can read about it/preview/download here: http://dsd.faceroll.net/

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Looks very well done, esp. for a handful of amateurs (my apologies if you guys have been doing this awhile).

I watched the video:

Did you do this song (or was that the one you didn't do)?

What's your usual style? I don't believe I've run into any of your musical compositions before.

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