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  1. Thanks for the advice, Skyline! It makes me wonder now abit more about the budget, and if the price will change the more specific I am. Who knows. Everyone has their own price. Not that I want cheap - I want good - but you can't always get what you want in the way you want it. I guess the best thing to do would be to talk directly with artists and see what kind of terms they want to work with.
  2. First, pardon if this is in the wrong section. I have a project that I'm working on that needs music. I could do the music myself, but that takes a ton of time and since my skill isn't top-drawer, I'll admit, it would take me a long time to make my songs the quality I want to make them. Furthermore, I don't have any particular song written, although I know what I want. My question is this: Should I... a) just do it myself anyways; dictate what I want to another artist/musician (he might not like it, idk); c) just pay someone else to be creative; Doing it myself, I don't have to deal with the hassle of working with someone who a) may not really know what I want and/or may be uncooperative and not want to improve on his work. But on the other hand, I might find someone who is really creative and can come up with song ideas in the style I want far better than I can. And before you mention it: I did think of asking around OC, but everyone here it seems has a distinct sound that isn't what I'm looking for. Not to say they couldn't do it, but that depends on the artist I guess. I suppose I could use various styles, but I'd like a consistent theme. What do you guys think?
  3. This is one of the best albums I've heard from OCR in awhile. Not that there isn't other good stuff, but talk about everyone being on top of their game.
  4. Agreed about the writing. It was interesting at first 'cause it was like "Ooo, new action adventure!" but it hasn't failed to disappoint me. I'm still watching to get it over with, but I've already started watching other anime series.
  5. You, me, and the hundreds of people who've visited my blog this season.
  6. Hm.... Up until the bass kicks in at 0:50, it was empty. The guitars are rather obnoxious. Maybe tone down the volume a bit and apply some reverb. Also, I think crypto's right: it's too cover-ish for OCR. On the other hand - it's nice to see someone put together a piece for Portal.
  7. What I'm listening to: Surprisingly NOT an OCRemix (stuff I usually listen to). This time it's "Yume Sekai" by Tomatsu Haruka
  8. Sounds like a really fast set of loops, almost like you're trying to compensate for lack of something (no offense). It sounds crackly. Definitely increase the lead's volume or presence somehow. I'd change out the percussion section entirely or change it's rhythm. Hope that's helpful to ya.
  9. Same here, though it's so slow-paced that I stopped watching. It seems like something I can pick up at any time and enjoy when I'm not looking for action but just want something to relax to.
  10. Looks very well done, esp. for a handful of amateurs (my apologies if you guys have been doing this awhile). I watched the video: Did you do this song (or was that the one you didn't do)? What's your usual style? I don't believe I've run into any of your musical compositions before.
  11. Nutritious and OA working together? You just know this sort of thing was going to come out.
  12. Oo nice! Makes me think of sitting under a palm on the beach having a pina colada. Actually, it also sounded like souped-up elevator music. <- my face. But I really like elevator music, so that maybe why I thought of it.
  13. I'm lovin' these groovy mixes showing up on OC lately, this included. Excellent job, Radiowar!
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