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EWJ2 - Lorenzen's Soil Remix

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I'm a big fan of the source so this is some of what I heard.

Even for this style of music I thought there were too many breaks and not in the best of places. I'd try to figure out better transitions between sections to keep a flow going. My impression of the source is that it's very relaxing, almost Tangerine Dream music, and the last thing I'd want is the Aural equivalent of being smashed into a brick wall several times during the remix. :)

Split the melody between different synths during the last half to reduce some of the monotony. There are also bits of the source that seemed to go unused in favor of heavy repetition. Play around with the notes a bit more and what you can get. Once you say something, say it and move on.

Looking forward to the next update.

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Boring. Boring boring boring. I really wish there was a download button. Synth loops. Drum loops. Looped loops. You might have maaaaaybe 20 seconds of an idea in there, looped for 5 minutes. Looped looped looped. No direction. Kinda generic sounding too. The first half/2 minutes are unnecessary. I don't know if you can salvage what you have, but you're free to try.

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Hmm... I'm not sure if the theme is working all that well with the harmonies that you set it against. It's a shame, since I really like the source. Listen to the source again and try making the harmonies work more like they do in the source and it'll help a lot.

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