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finished Einhander - Dawn (Midioker remix)

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Hello. I am Midioker, an electronic music producer from Canada (Since 1995, under various pseudonyms). I discovered OCRemix in 2002, but am a new member to these forums.

I have not contributed to OCR in the past. However, I was recently inspired to produce 2 works that I thought might work in the realm of OCR. I decided to share one of them here on the OCR forums, primarily because I am a very impatient man. :-)

This is my remix of 'Dawn' from Einhander, originally composed by Kenichiro Fukui. As you can hear, it's in a techno style with mild trance influences.

Please enjoy. Boostermouth.gif


Remix: Einhander - Dawn (Midioker remix)

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Huge fan of Kenichiro Fukui here. Really appreciate what you've done with the source.

Trance isn't necessarily my area of expertise, so it's hard to express accurate criticism regarding sound design choices.

Though I understand that little things that bug me (like the obnoxiously rigid bass line) are inherent to the genre itself.

For what it's worth, I think you've done really well from an arrangement and production standpoint, in regard to the original track.

The soundscape is really cohesive imho, and elements fit together quite nicely, carrying energy and impact throughout the piece.

Some of the synth you've used (like the mid-lows freq saturated/filtered arpeggio) I've been trying to re-create for a long-long time...

Your style here reminds me of some Namco Sound Team composers, like Hiroshi Okubo and Tetsukazu Nakanishi in their electronica prime.

Would love to re-play Einhander and go through the Air Base again with this arranged version of DAWN playing in the background.

Switch to 'mod review' if you want workshop mods to weight in as to whether it's interpretive enough for OCR.

Nevertheless, a fitting tribute. Nice work sir. :nicework:

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