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Progressive Temple (Stone Tower Remix)

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I like what you got going here.

First off, the whole song is repetitive and gets a little bland, especially the drums. The mix could use some more variety. I only noticed one change in the drums, when you started the second section. The hi hat sample becomes grating and distracting after a bit. I also feel like the kick could use some more punch to it. If you plan to submit this at some point in time, I think the mix could use more of the source.

I hope this helps, keep up the good work!

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HDJS, don't use other ppl's wips to advertise your own. Not unless it's relevant (eg "I'm also remixing this source").

While I'm in this thread... Biggest problems here are sound design and repetition. Yes, repetition is a staple of the genre, but it's usually padded with some more advanced sound design and a lot of motion in the sounds. I'd avoid adding any length to this until I can make these 4 minutes (quite long already) sound more engaging. Automation and delays should help. I'd start inside the synths tho, their internal modulations offer a lot more to do than applying effects afterwards.

Are you aiming for ocr with this? It's a little too liberal for ocr atm. I mean, I can hear some vague connections to source in the 0:45 part, but I think it'd have to be a bit more overt to count on ocr. If it doesn't count, that's an 80-second part of source that wouldn't count, another 45 seconds from 2:22, ending it at 125s/240s, under the 50% minimum. If you're not aiming for ocr, you can just focus on having strong source usage wherever you want to and use as much original/liberal/whatever material in between.

I think you've got a good base here. A predictable, DJ-friendly structure, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's functional, and lets you focus on sound design, mixing, and writing smaller stuff. Do it well. :)

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I actually have all of the melodies of the original in this remix, they are just pretty well hidden in by various tweaks.

Also the genre is kind of limiting in nature. It has to be repetative. I haven't gotten around to adding all the little sounds and changes that make the songs more enjoyable so I will be getting to that. I don't know about adding more of the source to it without it clashing with the style.

The mixing still needs a fair bit of work, but I'm at a difficult point. All I have is a decent pair of sennheisers and some decent but crappy creative computer speakers. I need something with more bass range clarity so I can keep that clubby thump but have the range to mix properly.

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I'm not sure what you mean. Or, I'm sure what you mean, but not that you understood what I meant. To get it posted on ocr, you'd need source in 50% of the remix, nevermind whether it's the same source melody throughout, or if every little part of the source is used. Just in case you weren't clear on that.

Repeated elements, sure. Repetitive... not necessarily. There's a lot you can do on top of those repeating elements. But that's semantics.

You should be able to work on those speakers, unless they're actually _bad_. Just compare your mixes with similar style pro mixes (that are actually well mixed). If your mixes don't have as much bass, add bass. Too much mids? Reduce mids. There's also all kinds of visual analyzers that you can use to gauge the music regardless of yoru speakers. I'm not pro enough to mix blind, I use two or three different analyzers at different stages of my mixes. I'm sure others mix like that too.

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