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StarFox Adventure - Krystal Lullaby - Final Version!

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I'm not 100% the source is actually Krystal's theme. -->This<-- Is the source I used. Just to clarify, it's listed as "Krystal's Theme (v1.1)" on vgmusic. I looked on youtube, and I couldn't find this particular source. Can anyone tell me what the source I used is called?

Oh, and give it a listen, and review. Enjoy!


Version 2: http://soundcloud.com/jordanrooben/krystals-theme-starfox-1

- Changed the instruments into orchestral instruments

- Changed a bit in the arrangement

- Humanized everything

Version 3: http://soundcloud.com/jordanrooben/kystal-lullaby-v-3

- Added a Timpani

- Added a Bass Drum

- Added a second Xylophone pattern

- Added a bass pizz/slap

- Added a second glock pattern

- Added several cymbal and gong notes

- Added a chime section after the first motif

Version 3.1: http://soundcloud.com/jordanrooben/kystal-lullaby-version-3-1

- Added a pizzicato violin

- Added a tremolo violin

- Added a detache bass

- Added a new pattern for the xylophone

Version 4: http://soundcloud.com/jordanrooben/kystal-lullaby-4

- Added an orchestra

Version 5: http://soundcloud.com/jordanrooben/kystal-lullaby-7

Final Version (6): http://soundcloud.com/jordanrooben/kystal-lullaby-final-version

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Hmm...the low strings are definitely better than the sub bass you had before. But to be honest I dislike the general idea of this. However that is just my opinion...Objectively the only thing I can add is that the melodic lines need accents. Right now the rhythm is unclear and it just sounds like a slur of notes. Also...it might be a little off the beat in some places but I'm really not sure. If it is it's by an almost unnoticeable hair...whatever it is, it's just not clicking.

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This wouldn't really hold up as a standalone track, so I recommend adding drums to the mix, maybe some light ghost hits here and there.

Even though I actually LOVE your arrangement, it doesn't progress anywhere, so adding something like drums can spice it up. Or something.

I do have to say though, you did some very smooth mixing :smile:

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Bizarre scale conflict at 0:26 and 0:39. Sound is ok so far. Crash destroyed by compression, probably due to runaway lows. High-pass everything that doesn't need subbass.

Xylophone and reverb, the age-old struggle with making them sound real. This doesn't.

2:01 weird scale again.

Weird arrangement: driving part, breakdown, short driving aprt, breakdown, long breakdown, pause, stuff with big drums in the background... The first two minutes work ok imo, but then it becomes breakdown upon breakdown. If I wasn't seeing the track structure in the soundcloud player, I'd assume the track was ending after those two minutes, but there's almost two minutes more. yes you can have long, soft parts. Yes, not everything has to end with a bang. No, your arrangement still doesn't work. You lost direction after two minutes and spent the rest of the time trying to end the track. I know that feeling, that's how a lot of my tracks are written... but you have to make them work. The new melodies in the ending don't have any connection to the previous stuff, so you could cut those. Ending it at 3:21 might work, those last melodies don't contribute anything that's worth the extra half minute.


- Unrealistic sequencing - there's humanization, but there could be more. think like an orchestra conductor

- Overcompressed (pumping/no dynamics) - okay, only one instance of this


- Lacks coherence overall (no "flow") - really loses direction half way through

- Pace too plodding - too long without knowing where to go and it feels like this

In other words, a few technical issues, a few writing issues, main problem is the arrangement itself. You can keep the first two minutes pretty much as-is, structurally, but everything beyond that seem to be random ideas for breakdowns. Pick one, then end the track. Or write something else there. Find a direction and go for it. It's ok to make a short track, and if the direction you go takes a few minutes to finish, that's cool too. Just make it sound deliberate and directed.

It's otherwise pretty good. You've gotten a lot better since last time I heard one of your tracks. Keep it up. :D

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There's still a lot of scale clashing going on around 0:27-0:57, unless you're doing that intentionally (considering Rozo pointed it out).

That xylophone/bell stays around for much too long, it becomes distracting after 1:10 or so. Maybe lower it after that, or fade it out?

Another thing: The intro seems lacking, it doesn't seem to grab my attention much, but I guess that's just a personal preference. Maybe throw some stylistic pauses in there?

I like how nicely you make the ending wrap up, though.

I think if you could make the intro more interesting, your mix would work :-)

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Alright guys, this last update was tough! I don't know if it's OCRemix quality, but I'm pretty burnt out with this track.

Did I fix the scale clash issues? I can't tell.

Is the arrangement good now?

Anyway, depending on how you guys like this new version, I'll do one final mod review or submit it as is, if it has a shot at getting accepted.


Here's the link:


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