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Lollipop Chainsaw


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Lollipop Chainsaw is probably the best action/hack'n'slash arcade fun I've had in a good while.


The game's short but sweet as each stage area can be played between 45 minutes to over an hour depending on how dedicated you are to using

and just being quick on the draw er button presses.

The atmosphere through out the game reeks of B-Horror movie goodness (Think Army of Darkness) with gameplay of DMC/Bayonetta fare; just without tons of weapons.

For some one who's heavily seasoned with earlier mentioned games the difficulty on normal, at least, may seem easy at the first go. I have observed with a friend who has NEVER played such games have a good challenge with a couple of loses thrown in; I'd recommend playing on Hard at the first go imo.

Using Juliet's Pom-poms to both do light but easily chained combo/stunning damage along side her trademark chainsaw manages to keep the adrenaline going to see how long I can go untouched through it all while collecting coins (zombie medels in gold and platinum flavors) to upgrade Juliets stats and skill repertoire.

Aside from the main game there are "mini-games" in between sections of a stage. Where in one stage it's a baseball game where you actually play as "defend the target" as said target is to finish 3 laps around the field without being killed. You fail you lose which can hurt your evaluated score by the end of the stage. Funnily I've found the mini-games to be the source of my many losses/deaths rather than the main game, which I'm fine as it breaks up the action comfortably.

Aesthetically with a pulp comic feel to everything I'm not disappointed along side pretty much having


Most of all I was absolutely delighted how varied the tracks are in LC. Between the

licenced tracks to Lollipop Chainsaw's original tracks (Done by Akira Yamaoko and Jimmy Urine) it never felt so gloriously put together.


True to arcade games, it demands replays from rank mode, speed run mode and of course for %100 completionists out there; at the very least play one stage a day to savor it all as it is short like most arcade-style games.

The bonus of having "Twilight Sparkle" have occasionally raunchy dialogue is a nice bonus too

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