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Announcing Vubu (iPhone/iPad) by Vurez


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EDIT: Vubu is now available on the App Store!

Hello everyone! Most of you probably don't know this but for the past year, I've been developing a puzzle game for iOS devices. It's been a long solo project and it's actually based on a game I started working on way back in 1999. Two days ago, I finished it and submitted it to the AppStore. Once it's released it's going to have a tough fight to get noticed in the ocean of apps. I knew the odds weren't good, but this is something I've wanted to do for years.


Vubu: Ancients of the Sky

Vubu could be described as a type of sliding puzzle game. The goal is to guide the Vubu to the exit portals of each level. They move in unison, so if you swipe up, all of them will move up. It can get tricky on levels with a lot of death tiles and ledges. There are also five types of Vubu: The Nomad, The Wise Man, The Blind Man, The Stone Man, and The Dragon. Each one has a unique trait that will affect how the level can be solved.


The game has 110 levels and most of them can be solved multiple ways. They are broken down into 3 game modes - Standard (50), Advanced (50), and Numeric (10).

So yeah, the game is a fairly simple concept, but it's actually quite addicting for an "at your own pace" methodical puzzle game.

I don't know the exact day I'll release it, but I'm shooting for the end of next week.






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