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Sonic Meets Knuckles


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Remix: http://tindeck.com/listen/ehiz

It's a funk/jazz remix of the Knuckles Theme & Act 1 Boss Theme from Sonic 3.

It's mostly unmixed and unpanned so far because I lost my headphones. Once I buy a new, better pair I'll EQ it moreso!

My main concern is the voices and sfx. They do create sort of a story to go along with the music, but I've come accustomed to hearing them with the song and can't quite tell if they are annoying or not.

Anyway, let me know what yall think, and thanks!

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OK, skip all those in game sounds. They are very distracting. Same goes for all that speech patterns. They annoy the heck out of me, save for the 'come on' part.

Did I just hear 'who's bad' in there? Funky!

Pff... I'm not really sure how to put it, but this track has chaotic written all over it. I like the instruments you used, but I'm not so sure about that second half of the track...

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Less vocal/SFX, Version 2

I removed the SFX and SOME of the speech. I like the ones I saved for transitional purposes and to help make this a bit of a drama as well as a remix.

And by second half you mean the bridge...yes, it doesn't exist in the original track. However, the chord changes are loosely based off the boss battle and the "Knuckles Beat" plays on in the background, and I feel it somewhat fits the "Sonic the Hedgehog" idiom!

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I would love to hear a better quality version of this, the Tindeck version seems a bit lossy.

I really like the synth lead you used for the majority of the song, and your bass patch is pretty sick too.

I feel like there's still too many SFX at the beginning, although I really like the use of the vocal samples.

The jazzy part in the middle feels like it doesn't fit with the rest of the song, maybe a bit of tweaking would make it fit better.

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