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Super Mario Orchestra (Originals)

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Nope, he's got it right - this is an original based on the style, not an arrangement of a pre-existing tune.

This is really excellent, by the way. I could easily see this being included in a Mario Galaxy game, no problem. I hope to hear more from you - an arrangement of a non-Mario Galaxy VG song would be an excellent arrangement, indeed... *nudge-nudge*


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you've got some very nice composition chops. I think the main issue i'm hearing is using samples with slow attack when they sound as though they need to have a fast attack. It may be your samples but from hearing some of them later in the song i think you definitely have access to samples with more suitable/malleable attack envelopes. (I'm talking about the brass melody in the A section mostly).

This is wonderful writing though. Got the SMG sound spot on!

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These definitely capture the feel of Super Mario Galaxy. My first impression upon listening to the link that you posted is that you should try and be more different, because Super Mario Galaxy would never have two songs that sound as similar to each other as yours does to the actual soundtrack. However, Grassland Galaxy is really good.

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