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  1. First of all, mixing issues: In the slower section, the mix is very bass heavy. The drums need to come up, the bass guitar needs to be quieter, and I think the kick is kind of resonant sounding. Speaking of bass, get that bass doing something. It's just holding out notes, and I know from experience that it borings up songs. Have it play interesting rhythms and riffs, and most importantly, make sure there is space. Silence can be just as important as the notes that are heard. Anyway, the biggest problem is that I'm not sure that this is really a remix. You basically just made an electric guitar transcription of the Mega Man 3 title screen music, and that's not how you get something accepted to ocremix. You have to have some variations on the source material. So yeah. Put your creative juices to work. Make something interesting.
  2. This is actually sounding a lot better than the first version you posted. The transitions are a lot better, although that last one at 3:13 still doesn't quite work. The song is sounding pretty good now, but it's not particularly impressive. There's nothing that would make me say "wow." I think one thing that would help is making the high sine wave instrument louder, especially at 2:44, as that is your melody right there. See how that works for you.
  3. Let me start off by saying I'm not familiar with the source material. I gave it a quick listen before I listened to your remix, but I'm afraid I can't really comment on how well you used the sources. One quick mixing complaint: I feel like the whole song lacks low-end. The kicks could be a lot more thumpy. Anyway, I like the sound of the song, and the production quality is high, but I feel like the song isn't really going anywhere. The difference between the soft parts and the loud parts (with the drums) is quite jarring, but more importantly, there isn't a clear path the song is taking. There's no climactic moments, there's no building, etc. That's the one thing I would say this remix is lacking right now.
  4. I like the overall sound of this, and I actually like the comedic effect of the quiet sections like 0:08 to 0:30 (that is intentional, right?). My two main complaints right now are: -The fast section in the middle is a little anemic. I think it has to do with notes the lead synths are playing. -The whole mix just isn't sitting right. It sounds like you have a phaser or something on everything, but especially the drums. Is there anything weird you did to the mix?
  5. That first song sounds like it belongs in WarioWare Touched. Anyway, very nice tracks.
  6. That supersaw near the beginning could be brighter and nicer, and most of the track is pretty muddy. Also, the kick drum is getting drowned out by everything else.
  7. My only real complaints are that the song is kind of messy sounding and a little repetitive. Also, I don't like how the song just fades out at the end. However, this is quite enjoyable to listen to.
  8. Music occasionally changes speeds for me too, although it doesn't seem to be associated with anything.
  9. I honestly just don't like this remix. The synths all seem obnoxious and not nice sounding to me. I think it's because they're all just playing separate parts at full volume. There's no subtlety to any of it. The artistic decision is yours, but I would have some quieter sounds that blend in with each other, and then put a couple of stronger lead sounds on top of that. (Note: My opinion of this may be skewed by just having listened to a very quiet orchestral song.)
  10. Sounds cool, although I wish that Jazz Jackrabbit music and the Super Mario 64 music were actually connected in some way. Right now it's Jazz Jackrabbit and then Super Mario 64. Combine the melodies, use them as countermelodies, do something. Also, the lead playing Koopa's Road seems to be covering up the drums. Maybe it needs some EQing?
  11. These definitely capture the feel of Super Mario Galaxy. My first impression upon listening to the link that you posted is that you should try and be more different, because Super Mario Galaxy would never have two songs that sound as similar to each other as yours does to the actual soundtrack. However, Grassland Galaxy is really good.
  12. Another update! -Messed with the drums a bit -Main lead synth has slightly more vibrato This is the point where the song enters mod review stage, but a mod already reviewed it! I'm not sure if that counts or not.
  13. Update! Here's what I did if I remember correctly: -took the resonance off the filter at the beginning -made the lead synth less ear-piercing -cleaned up the solo synth a bit -cut out a few measures in a couple spots - tell me if this messes up the flow of anything! The download link is the same as it used to be: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/37768120/aquatic%20ambiance.mp3
  14. Drums are still too distant. Supersaw still has that annoying attack. Fix please.
  15. I'm really only going to mention production issues for now. The drums are really distant and have a ton of reverb (and the recording is kind of low quality), and the guitars sound good but lacking in high frequencies. Also, that supersaw sound at the beginning has the unfortunate problem of having a very noticeable attack because of the supersaw-ness, and they are kind of muddy sounding. You're not using Superwave P8, are you?
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