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Final Fantasy VI Battle Theme - Symphonic Metal Remix


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I've got to turn my bass up to max in order to get any appreciation of the bass guitar. Make it more audible- You've got something good here!

Thanks! I can see what you are talking about with the bass, I'm just not sure how plausible it is to "make it more audible" with the number of instruments in the mix... Hmmm, I'll see what I can do...

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I didn't like the orchestral VSTs. It deserves some better orchestral synths IMO.

Agreed. They sound very synthesized. If you aren't able to get some better samples I'd recommend asking someone if they'd be interested in collabing with you. You might have some luck if you post on the Recruit and Collaborate forum, there are some people around here with great sample libraries.

The guitar playing is awesome though!

I'm not having any trouble hearing the bass, although a boost wouldn't be a bad thing.

I'm not particularly keen on the orchestral intro (even though it's short). I just don't really think that riff works with those instruments.

Other than that, I really like the arrangement!

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Currently, the "intro" is only 2 seconds, until 0:02. Try tripling the length to make it more natural, at least, to the listener's perspective. It seems like you have a quarter-pattern before the pick scrape, and with the pick scrape it's another quarter. This way you'll have three quarters of the pattern with just the orchestral samples and the bass, and then the last quarter has the pick scrape.

I can barely hear the kick. Try notching the EQ of the bass where the kick is. Maybe even a band stop notch instead of just a peaking notch.

The bass sounds kind of high in the bass frequencies. It should be lowered to about 80% of how it is now. That might be making the bass too loud right now, since at 1:30, it doesn't sound like how the waveform looks.

Watch the levels on every instrument. Make sure the guitars don't overpower the orchestral element. Make sure the trebles on the bass guitar aren't heard. etc.

At 2:21, the rhythm of the hi hats is weird. It feels syncopated. That doesn't seem to work too well. Try the regular rhythm.

The last thing is to try to go for a good breakdown section. So far it's just the "breathing" section. Try incorporating some new instruments in the breakdown, like an acoustic guitar or something. As of right now, you have no breakdown section in my book. I'm sure you'll be able to think of something, though.

Good luck!

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