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Indie Games w. vocal tracks/songs


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Not sure if this counts as a favorites list or not, but...

Blackwell Unbound's Credits/Ending Theme,

(19:40 in the linked video; incomplete, unfortunately. I believe you can find the soundtrack out there somewhere.)

Bloodrayne Betrayal Ending Credits, 'Cursed Dawn' (also a Jake Kaufman / WayForward game)

GunGirl 2, 'Libera Me' (That one's filled with various vocals, usually heavily processed, but this track really sticks out to me.)

Return All Robots, 'Credits Acapella' (Okay, okay, so this one's a bit silly. Shoot me. :P)

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Thanks for those songs! This is more for research on the subject than a pure favorites. I am curious about the quantity and quality of such songs in indie games.

Im curious also about the different and prevelant genres chosen for such songs.

But foremost, I want to find the songs themselves

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Queasy Games (who's office is actually just a few blocks from where I live) just finished Sound Shapes, a PS3 and Vita exlusive that has tracks you progressively influence through the levels. It has music by I Am Robot And Proud, Jim Guthrie (Sword & Sworcery), deadmau5 and Beck. I know the Beck songs feature lyrics.

Nothing else INDIE comes to mind.

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