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Chrono Trigger - Lavos Final Battle theme


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Hey guys,

This is a remix of the final battle theme of Lavos in Chrono Trigger. Done in a sort of Dubsteppy/2steppy Rustie-esque remix. With a flair of MachineDrum and UK Garage towards the end. Focussing on soaring and simple synths with 808 Drums.

Im looking for some feedback on this.

I feel the weird about the transition around 3.10. But im also not sure if any of the leadins towards the main beat are working. I have been working on this for abit to long, all I hear right now is just noise.

So gimme some feedback..

Heres the original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpaJulksCik

And the remix so far: http://soundcloud.com/tim_tim_tim_/madgonzo-revives-the-bits

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some good namedrops there dope source also im down w/ this

u are biting rustie pretty hard here not gonna lie ! use of game samples is tricky, i think theres a time and a place. if you look at a track like 'hover traps' you could conceivably listen to that without knowing where the vocal samples are from, but then again if you listen to his essential mix part of the fun is picking up on the samples. i think you just gotta find that balance between how overt you wanna be considering the context. imo there are parts that work (0:33) and parts that dont (3:27). the cursor sounds and the lavos noise are maybe not entirely unsalvageable, but you might wanna look into ways to alter them slightly so that they fit into the context a little better, rather than jumping out as THESE ARE GAME SAMPLES

(edit: just realized i was listenin

to the old version. the lavos sound works better in the update for sure)

youve definitely got the overall Sound of rustie down, and i can see how youre connecting that to the source. that said, it does lack that over the top insane rave crunk energy, and without that it doesnt matter much how nice your sounds are :P whether thats to do with the way its mixed, the sometimes sparse drums, or maybe just too slow a tempo, im not sure. point is it should definitely not feel slow. also it would be cool to hear more of the melody from the original, rather than strictly the arp stuff

i did not agree with 3:43 for Personal Subjective reasons. i realllly would love if you went super deep there after that tom roll like cbat or rustie's city star vip, it just begs for it imo. but thats just me!

i like this idea though and i think there is potential ! lookin forward to updates

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Your bass is really thin and over compressed to me. If that filled out a little bit it would be really cool (or add a guitar like synth or pad to make up for it)

I really think the first part of the song could benefit from some simpler patterns: then have it build to the complicated point. Take a tip from Neil Peart: state the idea in the simplest form and then draw the listener in.

Possibly experiment with some Big Beat beats (you know full time not half time for the second "drop" )

The end is really rad as far as I'm concerned, I think the beginning needs to be brought up a step.

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A little update. So far the changes are quite subtle. Alot of little tweaks. I did remove around 8 bars from the first main part. Did some changes there aswell. Played around more with the solo bells around the middle. Mainly I been have tunnel-visioning on the first block, and I just have no idea what to do with it. Now I changed it abit but now I cant listen to it objectively anymore. Damn tunnel-vision.


I think I have arrived at that all to familiar point where "I have to kill my darlings". Im still just working within the bounds of what I originally had because im to afraid to remove anything.

@Cyril: I tried to deepen the bass abit. Not sure if it worked. On my headphones the bass seems almost absent while my ears are getting killed on monitors. I played abit with the pattern but I limited myself greatly because of how the synth was setup. If I do actually get to the point where I kill my darlings, then the beginning and first block is first to go. Ill trade that for maybe something abit more ambient that functions as a crescendo. So then your idea of a simple pattern building would be a nice idea.

Im sticking with Half time for now, but I might try to simulate full time with some other techniques. (mainly because the half time gives a nice contrast to the ending drum pattern).

@radiowar: Indeed the game samples where thrown in there abit. For now Im keeping them but I made them abit more subtle. I might remove them later on but like I mentioned im at that phase where I cant seem to delete anything. But I agree that the samples seemed abit "LOL random game samples". They sound accentuate, which I personally think the 'timegate' sound is doing nicely. I was working on getting the tempo abit faster mainly through drums.

Im trying not to completely dive into Hudson/Rustie territory. Im sort of halfway but I wanna stay here where I can trade abit of that crazy crunk energy for more of a symphonic/ epic sound.

Anyways im still sort of looking for ways to fix the Bass synth. Which has sortof gone beyond my understand of the synth. And probably soon im going to delete chunks so I wont feel boxed in anymore.

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