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One word: "Tetrisphere". (N64, 1997)


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Here's a quick example of its music - the descriptions in the videos have links to download the MP3s, and its USF files (miniusf, if that makes a difference) are up on this page at Zophar.

Prophetic (title screen) -

Phony -

Azure Lux -

I've been hanging around this site ever since Terra in Black was brand new (remember, back when the actual comic made of 3D prims existed?), and after playing some old games, I'm pretty shocked to find that this game doesn't have anything done yet.

For someone too lazy/unable to click on the Youtube links, the music is by Neil Voss and is a wide range of late-90s electronica/chill/D&B/techno, most of which with as close to breakbeat as the N64 engine could manage.

Pretty wide range of possibilities; the most straightforward would be a techno medley with higher quality samples and new techniques (as much as I don't really care for the popular version of the style, I think some dubstep-style breaks would be perfect for the source material, for example); aside from that, the rave-like tracks could fit into a hard rock real well, or the wandering melody of some of the slower tracks could even be turned into jazz or a lounge song if you really want to break out of the common box. Thoughts?

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As Daniel Bryan would say: YES YES YES YES

Arguably the best sounding soundtrack on the n64. Still sounds great today and didn't age one bit. It's probably one of the very few VGMs which had me going, "how in the blue hell is this playing on my console?" because the sound quality From the n64 is way inferior than what's on Tetrissphere.

I'm actually surprised nobody tackled this yet.

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